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How Pair Programming And Mob Programming Help Quickly Onboard New Software Engineers

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Chris Jobst Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal Labs (right) and Poornima Vijayashanker, founder of Femgineer (left)

Interview with Chris Jobst Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal Labs

In last week’s Build Tip, we dove into the importance of on-boarding new hires, and the benefits your team and company will experience if you invest the time into doing it.

Next, you might be wondering, what do you do if you have more than one hire? Or you have a hire that isn’t familiar with the language or framework your team uses and you want to ramp them up quickly?

Have you heard of techniques like pair programming or mob programming, but aren’t sure if they efficient and effective?

Well in today’s Build Tip, we’ll be sharing why pair programming and mob programming can be beneficial to getting new hires up to speed quickly on a new language or framework, and help you scale your efforts efficiently and effectively.

Chris Jobst, who is a senior software engineer at Pivotal Labs is back to help us out!

As you watch the episode you’ll learn the following:

  • Why pair programming may seem daunting but it’s very efficient
  • How pair programming improves the quality of your code base and product
  • What mob programming is
  • Why it may seem inefficient to have everyone working on a single line of code at once with mob programming, but it’s actually very efficient when on-boarding many new hires

Once you’ve watched the episode, Chris and I want to know, do you pair program or mob program at your company? If so, what are the benefits you’ve experienced? Let us know in the comments below!

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