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How Much Does the CEH Exam Cost?

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EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is one of the most established and recognized offensive security certifications. The certification is ANSI-accredited and DoDD 8140-approved because of which the certification is highly valued by security professionals from both the public and private sectors. Since CEH is the gold standard for validating offensive security skills, the CEH certification cost is around $1,199 and the cost to retake the exam is $450. 

This article will cover the various processes you have to go through to earn this certification as well as the associated costs.

CEH Training Costs

During the application process, it is verified that you either took approved training or have at least two years of security experience. 

1. CEH including Training: Average cost is $4,000

Base costs for CEH with EC-Council-approved training:

  • CEH training: $850 to $2,999
  • CEH exam fee: $1,199
  • CEH remote proctoring: $100

The total cost varies from $2,149 to $4,298

2. CEH with Self-Paced Training: Average cost is $2,000

Base costs for the certification with self-paced training options and CEH assessments are as follows:

  • CEH self-paced training (Duration: 6 months): $250 to $600
  • CEH exam fee: $1,199
  • CEH remote proctoring: $100
  • CEH application fee: $100

The total cost varies from $1,699 to $2,049

3. CEH Study Material Cost

CEH study material can range from free YouTube videos to dedicated CEH certification boot camps, and their costs vary accordingly.

While choosing a suitable study material, it is essential to look at the cost of CEH training in terms of value rather than price. The cheapest training is one which prepares you to pass the CEH on the first try. 

  1. Additional EC-Council Training Tools - $149
  2. For further training and guidance, you can purchase the EC-Council prep assessment for $149. This will help you evaluate your skills and focus on your weakness. 
  3. Self-paced CEH training - $250 to $600

Self-paced training is an excellent option for experienced security professionals preparing for this certification. It will give you a quick brush up on the basics while allowing you to learn the more technical aspects on your own broadly.

3.Online CEH bootcamps - $850 to $2,999

This is the most comprehensive option while preparing for CEH. CEH boot camps emulate a classroom experience online, including trainer-led instruction, evaluation, supplemental material, and several hands-on lab activities.

4. Free Training Tools - $0

EC council certifications provide specific free training tools and resources as well as a free online assessment tool. This would involve answering fifty multiple-choice questions that are based on the material you’ll see on the 125-question CEH exam. 

Study material is the highest variable cost while preparing for this exam since the appropriate study material is completely based on your needs. The CEH application cost is $100.

Ensure that you are eligible for applying to the exam per EC-Council’s prerequisites. Enrolling for CEH prep course is the most preferred method as it will walk you through the sections and modules that CEH evaluates. 

In case you decide to pursue any other CEH training, you are required to apply for a waiver that allows you to sit for the exam without meeting EC Council’s prerequisites.

CEH Exam Cost 

The costs of the CEH exam vary between $950 and $1,119 depending on where and how you take it. Depending on where you choose to test online, CEH exam vouchers are divided at an EC-Council authorized testing centre or at a Pearson VUE testing centre. 

Testing online or at an EC-Council authorized testing centre, costs $950 whereas providing your own proctor will cost an additional $100. The test at a Pearson VUE testing centre will cost you $1,199. The most expensive scenario is if you fail the exam and need to retake it. A CEH retest voucher costs $499.

For individuals who are completely prepared to take the exam, the exam can be attempted with the help of free study material and an EC-Council-approved proctor. This way, you will only need to pay for the self-study waiver and the exam, which would cost you $1,050.

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