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How Much Does Telemedicine and Healthcare Software Development Cost?

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Developed a telemedicine web application for 1500 patients in a Nevada private practice: Cirrusmed. Video chat and EMR are HIPAA-compliant.

We use WebRTC for video streaming. No license fees as Google made it open source.

No big server costs either. 1-on-1 and up to 4 people video chats are good p2p, without a media server. You don’t pay for heavy video traffic, as it goes directly from one user’s computer to the other’s.

Web video chats work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones in a browser. Though it doesn’t happen automatically. Optimization for mobile is a separate task and takes time.

Mobile apps are easier to use though. You just download once and open it in 1 click. Sounds like not a big difference but this comfort may be the reason to prefer your product over competitors. So we develop apps where native mobile app users connect with web app users.

🎬 Video recording

Re-watch any consultation kept in EMR.

🗄 Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

It is all the patient information your app gathers. The 3 kinds that we had in all the apps: questionnaires that patients fill, video recordings, and prescriptions. Data is securely kept in the cloud. 

📆 Scheduling

Doctors set availability for patients to pick from. In a hurry? Jump on a call with an online doctor.

🖋 References

Patients like to choose by rating and references, as statistics that we tracked on our projects shows. It is convenient to filter the doctors by specialty and sort by rating.

💰 Payment system

Escrow – patients can pay before the visit, the doctor gets the money after. Patients can raise a dispute if there’s a problem, then an admin will investigate and find a solution.

Can be post-payment or prepayment without escrow – we implement it the way best suited to your case.

Split payment – % to the platform, the rest to the teacher.

Coupons and discounts like 2nd lesson 10% off.

💵How much it costs to develop a telemedicine software product?

To give a basic indication, the 1st working version of a telemedicine website with paid video consultations and EMR takes us about 6 calendar months, around $48,000 USD.

But custom software cost depends heavily on the needs. Take a simple feature like login methods: simply email and password, or Facebook, Gmail, and Apple logins as well?

Depending on that, login development time may take 2-4 times the resources. Imagine how different many complex telemedicine solutions can be.

That is why it is best to contact us to discuss your project. You wouldn’t build a cottage without a blueprint – don’t build a software product without a wireframe.

All pictures are of the products we developed 🙂 Drop us a message now – we’ll lead you through the rest.

Previously published at https://forasoft.com/blog/article/telemedicine-and-healthcare-software-development-what-we-do-and-how-much-it-costs-45


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