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How Long Does It Take To Rank At The Top Of Google Search Results

by Garuda WebsiteMarch 28th, 2021
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How Long Does It Take To Rank At The Top Of Google Search Results? How long it will take for a website to be indexed by Google?" is a common question. It really depends on hundreds of variables, which sadly are mostly out of your control. There are 3 main things to focus on: Identifying the Core Keyword Clusters your customers use to find their products and services. Producing High Quality Content is very self explanatory. Identifying Keyword Groups is the main tool for searching for keywords. Identify Keywords, produce high quality content and produce high-quality content.

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When you first start your SEO optimization the questions that come up in this dimension of your mind are; How long will the SEO results be visible? And it keeps spending all your time.

I understand, if you expect that one second after the site starts online, it will be visible in the search engines. Then maybe it's everyone's dream. Including me, hohoho ..

In fact, the keyword "how long does it take for a website to be indexed by Google" shows pretty fantastic results.

The description above shows an interest in the expectations for ranking. Especially for SEOs whose goals are indexed and then ranked. Perched on page 1 of Google. Aww, who doesn't want it...?

As a provider of SEO services and serving clients for their website optimization, the question of how long it will take for SEO to start showing is very common.

And it is natural for business owners to question how long it will take to become #1 when their targeted keywords start optimizing.

So, How Long Will The SEO Results Be Visible?

In a competitive marketplace, I understand, everyone wants to know a solid timeline. So, they can make a budget plan, allocation of resources, and everything else. Shouldn't everything be planned ahead?

Unfortunately, this is the secret of the people behind the search engine algorithms. And they never leak it to the public.

But through this article, there are things that might be a guarantee for you. If you make deliberate efforts to improve search rankings, through good SEO techniques.

"Maybe just a day or two, or it could take 6-12 months or maybe even more. It really depends on hundreds of variables, which sadly are mostly out of your control. "

Until now, all SEO techniques and strategies that has been laid out is said to be assumptions. Only to fulfill the variables that are considered as ranking factors.

Remember ..Assumptions!

Because, no one outside the Google search team knows about how the search results are determined. Maybe even Google team members themselves do not all know what factors are used and how they are used.

As an SEO service provider in Jakarta, I personally don't know exactly what competitors are doing to improve their client sites. Then how is the mechanism of SEO work done? This focuses more on experience and case studies that have happened before.

Gaining experience and case study data requires time and hard work. This is also probably one of the reason most businesses don't make the effort to improve their site.

So, when you implement a SEO strategy that you think is good. You have to spend more time on things that are more productive.

The main focus of SEO

Effective SEO is more than just increasing the ranking of a particular keyword, it is about increasing the total organic traffic to a website, which will lead to more potential potential customers.

There are 3 main things to focus on:

1. Identify the Core Keyword Clusters your customers use to find their products and services

2. Producing High Quality Content . This is very self explanatory...

3. Ensuring all the technical works related to a proven SEO strategy is well connected. And develop it!

In this opportunity, I would like to invite you to think how long would it take to do all of that steps above; so in reality, by asking how long it will take SEOs to show results in ranking is the wrong question.

Because you won't get any definite answers, other than assumptions.

So I'm going to share my how to rank experiences in terms of the strategies that are likely to be successful. Through the three main steps above.

Identification of Keyword Groups

Modern SEO is an organic SEO technique. It is about optimization driven by natural language search.

This means that consumers are looking to use more keywords. Instead of asking questions in two or three word phrases. In other words, long tail keyword!

Nowadays, the main tool for searching everything is your smartphone. The majority of online search activity comes from mobile devices, not desktops. Keep this fact in mind.

Migrating to Mobile phone interface

Mobile phones have developed into the most dominant interface. And speech recognition technology devices are also improving.

Nowadays more and more searches are made by talking to the phone and using services like Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri.

This has forced Google and Bing to become better at interpreting users' natural language questions. Where matches results to user intent.

This is also the reason why Google created RankBrain, the artificial intelligence engine that expected to be a major part of their current algorithm.

Traditional SEO of old was able to identify only a few main keywords, usually 2-4 words. Then focus your SEO optimization efforts on these types of keywords. Maybe add some variations to it.

But, this ancient method has no significant effect nowadays.

Google understands meaning

My personal experience tells me it is better to produce content. In the past people would just wrote articles to make it attractive to search engine for SEO optimization software, rather than real visitors.

Nowadyas, writing 'normally' or naturally is better. Perform as if you are talking to a human. Don't be stiff with your words, let alone bombarded keywords for robots to rank.

Google now understands the content of anarticle even better. It is better to know the meaning of topics and clusters of search phrases when classifying a web page.

I like to call these clusters of keywords or search phrases. Due to the main focus of content on a broad spectrum of potential search phases.

It should be noted that digital marketing experts agree that 20-25% of the 3.5 billion searches that occur every day are new. This means that the majority of searches are classified as 'long tail' or long tail keywords.

That's why in many articles I often mention the Yoast SEO plugin. Because this one SEO tool is able to support the new SEO technique. Even in the free version.

Long tail phrases

Long tail phrases are terms that are used 1 even to 500 times a month. This means the site's pages will not only rank for 3 or 4 main keywords (Focus Keyphrase), if you create your content well, it could means your page will rank for thousands of searches.

There is an example on a popular article that I have written. It was about free backlink sources. Currently there are quite a number of domains linking to this article. That article also have ranked for many keywords.

The word 40,000 free backlinks is not in the article, but Google still ranks me on the top 1 page for that word. So, it is a fact that Google's algorithm considers my content is capable of providing an answer to the question "40,000 free backlinks".

Such a wide range of keywords contributes to a lot of traffic from organic search!

However, the sad truth is that most websites, and I mean nearly 95%, don't have the kind of quality content that get 180 page views a month. One of the reason is that not many people know how to create good quality content to get to the long tail keywords ranked.

The use of long tail keyword strategy is vital!

The process being carried out by Google's algorithm is basically to identify a series of core keywords with high search volume.

Use any keyword research tool to identify at least a dozen secondary phrases or questions people online, then outline an article from those terms. Throughout the article spice up natural phrases to help the article reach a broader set of terms.

I don't know exactly how hundreds of possible ranking phrases for this article could be found. I don't even have time to see what the ranking phrase is. .. But it worked!

My Personal Experience in SEO

I've learned to trust the process! You do this by creating better quality content and letting Google do the job. About matching articles to phrases.

Then the good news will come. You can even start ranking for low competition, long tail keywords overnight!

This is important because Google uses the data it collects on long-tail keywords to determine whether your page should move up the rankings for higher volume phrases.

For difficult keywords, one thing you can do is increase the domain authority. Here are some criteria that you also need to optimize:

1. Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who immediately leave the website after opening only one page (these can be seen on Google Analytics). ... a higher percentage of the bounce rate indicates something is very wrong with your strategy.

2. Time on Page
This also called Session duration, as described above is calculated from the duration the visitor first entered the last page minus the time the visitor first entered. The time on page is calculated based on the length of the visitor from the first page he entered until the time when the visitor entered the second page

3. Click Through Rate
Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a way of measuring a website performance. It is expressed as a percentage. CTR measures the number of times an ad or email is clicked on versus the number of times it has been viewed (impressions).

These are all key search performance indicators that Google uses to determine who is ranking higher on a particular keyword. Do well with long tail phrases and follow high volume phrases.

The Secret of The Long Tail Keyword s

The secret of the long tail keywords has actually been discussed a lot. But it seems, not many think this is really important. In other words, it is a hidden gold mine!

The reason is simple. Because it's easier to rank for these terms, it's easier to get visibility. The answers your page provides can be focused on long tail keywords, which means you get extra trust points from visitors.

Experience also shows that the longer the search terms used by consumers, the closer they are to making a purchase decision.

This is great news for you. Even better, if you can provide the best answer for what they need.

This is why, at the beginning I mentioned a little that SEO efforts are not only about the intended target keyword optimization. The key metric to have in any SEO strategy is conversions, not keyword rank.


In our website development services, we build sites that support conversion focus. And in our SEO services, we even often redesign the site from zero to meet the all the essential elements.

Unfortunately, there is no magic SEO technique to do that. And there are also no pills that can be taken to instantly gain a top ranking position in Google. It takes effort to find the coveted place of the millions of globally competing sites on the internet.

The adagium is as follow:

More competitive a search phrase is, the more work and time it will take.

So to answer the question of how long it will take for SEO results to appear, you should look at some technical things regarding the process itself. I share this article in the interest to answer this question that has been haunting every SEO experts for years.

So, instead of asking how long it takes for SEO results to be seen or surfing for a quick way to get indexed by Google, it's better to ask:

"How long will it take for SEO optimization to start generating leads and sales?"

The logic behind this come from my own experience. Even if you can drive thousands of visitors to any website, but without a call to action and some way to monetize traffic. In the end, all the efforts would be for nothing. It's just a 'vanity exercise'. ..

There has to be an end goal.

If you have done a marketing strategy through advertising and it is not fruitful, this may also be the reason.

For that, make sure to convert organic visitors from your website into customers. This is the next phase of the SEO plan.

Thank you for reading,

I'm Dedi Ariko, owner of Garuda Website