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How Listening to Your Customers Makes You a Stronger Company

For the modern business, customer service skills can make or break success. Over 80% of consumers say they would switch supplier after a bad call experience, but 91% say they would stay loyal to a supplier after a good call. With the stakes this high, it’s essential to invest attention into customer service needs.

Offering high quality and fairly-priced goods and services is only half the battle of running a successful business. Set your business up for success by reaching consumers and giving them the service they need by meeting them on their terms. Phone remains the top preferred method of communication between supplier and consumer, even as online chat options continue to grow. Consumers expect call center staff to lend a listening ear, be aware of service history, and offer proactive solutions to issues, while remaining as efficient and personable as possible. Even just one good impression can keep a customer coming back for life, an invaluable asset to any business.

Listening to customers affects your bottom line — are you helping them feel heard? Take a look at this infographic for more on the impacts of quality customer service, how to reach customers on their terms, and give the the attention they expect.

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