How I Wrote 10, 000 LOC in just one Month

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Ever scrolled your twitter feed and wondered how everything works. Writing a tweet, refreshing the feed, deleting a tweet, and editing tweets. Does twitter really have an edit feature? That's a topic for another day. Over the past years, I have always felt the urge to know all about software development.
At the moment I am teaching myself some programming languages, to mention a few, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Python which is a bit personal adventure. Apart from those, i have also mastered a little bit of CSS and HTML. CSS has a few frameworks which i'll be happy to discuss about them.
Below is a python code.
>>> line = 'aaa,bbb,ccccc,dd'
>>> line.split(',') # Split on a delimiter into a list of substrings
['aaa', 'bbb', 'ccccc', 'dd']
Let me take you back to a month before i hit the ten thousand lines of code. After trying out different options, self learning, reading programming books i found online and failing completely to procrastination i found the hashtag #100DaysOfCode. Though that hashtag i met Microverse. By now you should have noted i love twitter. Follow me. Microverse teaches you how to become a remote software developer, no matter where you're from. And you don’t pay anything until you get a job!
To write a line of code isn't hard. You just have to know how. Which means you have to teach yourself how to code. Over the past few days i have indulged myself with a lot of collaborative learning with my awesome friends from Microverse. This beats procrastination and helps you too be focused. Okay resources are out there but, how are you going to keep yourself focused. That's one of the reasons i joined this amazing community.
Day one, i had the chance to go through the curriculum. Everything was in Greek. I basically stared at my screen for a while. However, by the end of week one i had known how to use HTML and CSS. Also, i had completed my first project which is a YouTube clone. Its like Hello World! That's more than fifty eight commits. That's adding, pushing, fetching and all other git related stuff.
At the moment i have completed some projects which am very proud of. Mastery takes time with learning. And that's what am going to do.
My past three projects have enabled me to learn Bootstrap. Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world’s most popular front-end component library. Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. So far so good. Feel free to checkout my Newsweek clone.
Before that i also learnt about Media Queries. This made it possible to define different style rules for different media types. Media types in layman's language is gadgets we use to log in the internet. Phone, laptop, laptop etc. This project, i mainly used media queries. Once you start using queries, you can never stop even if you use bootstrap. Here's a glimpse.
@media not|only mediatype and (expressions) {
Along other frameworks, in CSS i have used properties and elements such as positions, flex box and grid. If you're gonna achieve flexibility and responsiveness in sites, then there's no escape to using CSS correctly. Flex just makes it easy to give directions of how items are going to be laid out. Mostly when stuck i go through CSS-tricks site, they have a good and structured course. Being a software developer is basically building and breaking stuff. It's always great to know where to refer to when you out of nails. Grids is just wonderful. Ever since i started playing Grid Garden i am unstoppable.
Getting to code is not hard as i thought. It's all about getting everything organised and giving yourself time. Staying on this cause requires discipline, determination, perseverance. Before i know it you will get that amazing development job you've been envying. Join me and lets get these developer opportunities out here. Right now the conditions are great to change a career you don't like. Think about it, there's a lot of start-ups that will require remote developers.
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