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How I Launched …

One of my goals as a software developer is to build something in my spare time that others can use. Preferably some kind of online service.

I think this that this is something that a lot of developers and even non developers would like to achieve one day.

Since I still haven’t found something to build I keep looking online for what other people have built or launched.

I noticed on Medium that there are a lot of stories about how people launched their products. So I will add the first 10(almost the first 10) that I have found and then add a link for the search term at the end of the article.

If you want to read more about how other people launched their products you kind find that here.

To see more articles from the second list you can click here. Thanks to David Smooke for sending me the search term link.

I will be updating this article as I find new interesting posts on Medium(maybe other sites too). If you have any articles that you have found interesting or helpful I would love to know about them!

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