How Does One Audit DeFi Platforms?by@brianpasfield
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How Does One Audit DeFi Platforms?

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The safety of users' funds in DeFi isn't guaranteed by monetary authorities. Huge vaults and armed security personnel also don't jump in to assist you. It all comes down to the soundness of the code. Bad Practices. Bad Practices Everywhere. It’s quite common for the DeFi space to launch products in a rush and then try to patch and adjust them once they're out. We have seen, and continue to see, projects that go down this route get hacked or exploited. In the crypto world, users rely on platforms and code, not human beings making decisions. Air-tight code is a must. Going through many audits needs to be the default, not a nice-to-have for Web3 protocols. Regardless of the expense. In this piece, I’ll highlight the importance of DeFi audits. We’ll also explore what ideal scenarios look like, and reflect on Fringe Finance’s first-hand experience of performing a double audit.

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