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How Does a Slow Cooker Work?

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Most of the slow cookers are specially designed to enhance usability and to make the most economical and budget-friendly way to prepare a healthy family meal. Moreover, it takes least effort to prepare good healthy meal which helps the cooking process quite simplified and effective.

No matter how busy you are with all your activities, but at last every individual wants a healthy affordable tasty meal at the end of the day for its entire family.

Letโ€™s discuss a few points about the working principle of a Slow Cooker.


When we talk about the design of a Slow Cooker, it is mainly just an electrical pot with high-grade stoneware inserts.The working principle of slow cookers is totally different from stovetop cookers and conventional cookers as it can cook food at low or high temperatures for continuously about 12 hours.The whole module of Slow Cooker is so well designed that it can operate on its own, by trapping the heat and steam to cook the food for a long time. So it is always recommended not to remove the lid of your slow cooker because more you remove the lid heats escapes resulting in an increase in overall cooking time.


One of the main advantages of a Slow Cooker is its extraordinary flavor offerings.It mixes all the ingredients for several hours in their own flavors to produce the best deep rich yummy dish which you canโ€™t achieve with any other types of cooking activities like baking, grilling or frying.Cooking food at slow and steady heat brings out the most delicious flavors and which adds multiple health benefits to slow-cooked meals.


If you want to enhance and grab most out of your Slow Cooker all you need to prepare a few advance preparations before the main food is cooked.For example, if your morning schedule is bit tight and you hardly get free time to prepare meal. Itโ€™s always suggested to prepare all the ingredients needed for your meal a night before will save your time and efficiency.Some taste enhancer food ingredients like onions, add better taste and healthy results when pre-cooked. However it depends on an individualโ€™s preference and taste.From my personal experience, I suggest you prepare all the ingredients in a Slow cooker a night before and store it in the refrigerator overnight. So you can directly utilize the prepared ingredients in the morning and start cooking with pre-prepared spices and ingredients.

Cook Time

As we all know good tasty and healthy dish requires a lot of time to get prepared, and the time widely varies one dish to others. So always keep enough time in hand before preparing any slow-cooked meal on a Slow Cooker. However light dishes like desserts and dips mostly take less than 4 to 6 hours. Whereas dishes including meats, stews, and roasts take much longer time usually anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. Most recent Slow cookers typically take 7 to 8 hours on low simmer temperature whereas 3 to 4 hours at high-temperature settings.


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