How Do Social Media Apps Impact Your Psyche?by@aeliusventure

How Do Social Media Apps Impact Your Psyche?

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By providing a broad supply of internet information and leveraging our drive for social approval, social media apps dominate app usage. As part of our research, we spoke with smartphone users to find out how they use social media programs and what features appeal to various ages. A new Snapchat or Instagram follower notification may instantly capture your attention, no matter what you’re doing, since frequent users of social media applications are well aware of its addictive nature. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media applications occupy the majority of smartphone users’ time.  Almost 40% of smartphone owners use social networking applications regularly. As a result, this is approximately four times higher than the next two most popular categories: gaming applications and communication/messaging apps. To discover more about how social media apps work, we polled smartphone owners who use at least three different apps regularly to find out: The way individuals use social networking applications. Why do users return to social media apps because of their features and designs? We help your company discover why social media applications are popular and offer ideas on how to duplicate that success in your app through our survey.

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