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How Blockchain Help in Online Political Voting democracy?

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Decentralized Political Platform

Blockchain is a decentralized and digital platform that has public ledger off all the transactions which can be accessed by all the users. It has been used in almost all the avenues of current businesses and is spreading all over the globe in a very fast manner. It has many unique characteristics that make it different and advanced from the rest of the technologies out there. Understanding the potential of this advanced technology many sectors like healthcare and wellness, event management companies, clothing companies and many more have proceeded to blockchain and have incorporated it in their day to day activities.

One of the biggest arenas where blockchain can help in the best way possible is politics in a way to promote the best of democracy. Switching from regular elections to blockchain is very simple, easily accessible and a more just way to conduct fair elections. So many people keep talking about how elections are rigged or are conducted in a manipulative manner to get unjust results. With blockchain being used as a medium to conduct elections, democracy can and will be taken to the next level. Blockchain with its own unique characteristics can bring out the real democracy for the betterment of a country and its people.

Since blockchain has features that are absolutely required in any democracy, it can do wonders and most importantly promote democracy to more and more stakeholders. It is a public platform so that everyone can see it making it absolutely necessary for voting while conducting elections. It is unhackable, hence the results of any election cannot be manipulated. It is a decentralized and distributed platform which means that all the copies are kept in sync which is very beneficial in case of a democracy. It is an immutable platform which means that all the information once stored can never be reversed, changed, forged or overwritten that guarantees just elections.

In order to combine politics with blockchain technology and to bring about a positive revolution in democracy, Coalichain has been established. Coalichain is the bridge that empowers people to interact directly with their Elected Leaders, eliminating once and for all, the communication gap that exists between citizens and governments. It is built on the Ethereum Public Blockchain. It is a Decentralized Application that ensures complete transparency and an immutable voting facility. For leaders, it is a revolutionary platform that connects them seamlessly to their electorate, facilitating opinion sharing and fundraising. It offers cutting-edge tools to perform surveys, polls and an array of other features designed to enhance public service efficiency.

Coalichain is the coalition on Blockchain that creates a decentralized bridge between citizens and leaders. It empowers people by letting them control the democratic process and also by providing them with a choice. It eliminated the communication gap between the citizens and the government. It allows the leaders to directly get to know their people. All the citizens, politicians and other Leaders, industry influencers/experts, NGOs, activists and journalists can be a part of Coalichain.

Colichain can be used in real life scenarios to promote fair elections. Any type of election can be conducted with Coalichain.

Politically, local elections are the smallest level at which Coalichain can be used effectively and efficiently. A city forms a partnership with CoaliChain to run their local elections for city council members or for a mayoral race. Candidates register. A debate space is configured and budgets are monitored, all within the platform. In the context of general elections, CoaliChain’s versatile platform is first intended for relatively small scale polls, such as small developing countries lacking the sophisticated infrastructure of European models. The state’s elections supervisory authority will add the political parties as candidates to be voted for. A union decides to run a vote for the renewal of its executive board. Union members are scattered all over the country and votes should have taken place by mail, with the ensuing costs and bureaucracy. Public consultations, referendums, surveys can also be conducted. Polls and census can also be conducted.

Outside of the political realm, Coalichain can be used by DAOs, Unions, Academies, or any organization within which elections are taking place. It can even be used by micro-communities, such as your local baking class for example, to vote about which recipe will be broached in the next class. That can be done in combination with raising the funds to buy the ingredients etc.

Enabling Coalichain use for communities big and small is an essential part of increasing the adoption rate of the app and on-boarding users who will then know intimately how to use Coalichain for larger elections when the time come.


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