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How Blockchain Could Streamline the Recruitment Process

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Every year millions of students graduate across the globe. Recruitment is a process that helps them land a job.

This process generally happen in two ways:

  1. The candidate directly applies on the Company’s website. This process is simple. Candidate uploads his resume and enters his details on the website. If his credentials are good enough, he will be hired by the company.
  2. The candidate sends her resume to a Staffing agency and this agency then forwards her resume to their clients. If the candidate is hired, the agency receives some fees for their efforts. On the paper this process looks very simple. However, there is one problem: The staffing agency will not receive any fees if their clients had access to the resume before the agency, which is quite possible since the candidate uploads her resume on various platforms. But then, we should also consider the situation in which the client is dishonest to the staffing agency so that it can get away from paying them. Such situations creates a lot of friction and trust issues between the Staffing agencies and their clients.

Proposed Solution

Having ownership on resume can be solved when we have the name of the person accessing it and the time saved on a Blockchain. I will illustrate this with the help of a following example:

  1. A candidate “A” had access to the resume at 8 PM. So the first entry would be “Name : A , Time : 8 PM”.
  2. Let staffing agency “S” had access to the resume at 9 PM. So the second entry in the metadata of the resume would be “Name : S, Time : 9 PM”.
  3. Now the client “C” had access to the resume at 10 PM, so the next entry in the metadata would be “Name : C, Time : 10 PM”.
  4. Now it is really easy to see when an entity had access to the resume. By this, the client and the staffing agency can trust each other.

This system can be extended to the situation in which multiple staffing agencies S1, S2, S3 etc are dealing with multiple clients C1, C2, C3 etc.

This can be offered as a service with the help of cloud.

This is how Blockchain could streamline the recruitment process.

The following quote motivated me to write this article

“ Blockchains port the market model into places where it couldn’t go before.”~ Naval Ravikant

Thank you for reading my article.

This article comes under research work done at Wright State University’s SMART Lab under the guidance of Dr. Yong Pei.

Wright State University: https://www.wright.edu/ 
Department of Computer Science and Engineering : https://www.wright.edu/degrees-and-programs/profile/computer-science 
Dr. Yong Pei : https://people.wright.edu/yong.pei

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