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How Augmented Reality Has Changed Selfies Forever

In 2015, Snapchat blew the top off selfies when they introduced the first interactive filter. Known to many of us simply as “barfing rainbows,” this iconic filter started a trend of real-time filtered selfies. Computer tracking technology maps the face for certain focal points, like the eyes and nose, to match up the user’s face with the filter. The result is a customized, and sometimes goofy, selfie that’s just begging to be shared with friends. There’s a reason Snapchat remains the top social media platform for sharing selfies, even over Instagram.

This facial mapping technology goes even further. Apple stepped up to the plate with the release of the iPhone X boasting a facial recognition phone unlock feature that replaces the typical password and PIN. In Europe, more than one in three people express they would feel more secure using facial recognition in the form of selfies as passwords to their bank accounts.

Augmented reality may bump up our selfie game, but the facial recognition technology behind it has potential for even greater things. Take a look at this infographic from Frames Direct on all things AR, how it transforms, our selfies and even manages our security.

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