Will ATX Continue to Dominate The Gaming Industry by@tim-colman

Will ATX Continue to Dominate The Gaming Industry

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For approximately 25 years now Advanced Technology Extended better known as ATX has dominated the Gaming Industry. In fact it has turned out to became the leader of the motherboard since replacing the Baby AT motherboard. ATX specifies the configuration and specification to improve the overall standardization of the motherboard.

Little History

It was first released by Intel in July 1995 and since then it has undergone many revisions. The one thing that gamers look up to is the specifications of the motherboard and blatantly that is the uncompromising object for any gamer.

Just like every other gamer, I was using a basic motherboard but when I came across the ATX motherboards and started using it I was literally amazed by the experience that it provided me and I think it is very difficult to beat the ATX powered motherboards. If you are new about to Gaming then learn What is ATX? here.

Reasons why we can expect ATX to still be relevant post 2019

There are plenty of reasons to prefer ATX (barring budget) over Micro-ATX motherboard.
  • The fundamental advantage of the ATX motherboard is its availability of an enormous number of PCI and expansion slots and ports which is not in the case of Micro-ATX motherboard.
  • If we talk about the physical specifications then ATX has larger dimensions (12 inches by 9.6 inches) than Micro-ATX motherboard which is 9.6 by 9.6 inches.
  • ATX Motherboard comes with advanced control facilities that continuously checks the temperature and voltage of CPU and automatically shuts down if any heating issues occur.
  • Effective power management is possible with BIOS support in ATX Motherboard which is not the case with Micro-ATX motherboard.
  • It has a higher RAM capacity than Micro-ATX motherboard.
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How to choose a perfect ATX Gaming Motherboard - A Guide For 2019

Motherboards come in different varieties sizes and formats but the most popular ones which are widely used are ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ATX. If you are planning to go for either of them in 2019 then here are some factors that you should definitely look for before investing in a motherboard.

1. Size Matters

Size is the most important factor while choosing a gaming motherboard. If your computer case is smaller then you need to look for the compatible size of the motherboard that fits in perfectly.

The largest being the ATX measuring 305 X 244 mm following the micro ATX which measures a bit less than the ATX measuring 244 X 244 and the mini ATX is the smallest of all measuring 170 X 170.

2. Added RAM Modules

RAM can undoubtedly change your overall gaming experience and one of the biggest difference is the number of RAM slots integrated into the motherboard. So ATX and Micro-ATX both can support up to four RAM modules while mini-ATX supports only two.

Mini-ATX supports 32 GB RAM if a 2 X16 GB kit is installed. However, ATX and Micro-ATX support twice the memory supported by Mini-ATX.

3. PCle Slots

As all the motherboards have at least one PCle slots for the graphic card ATX motherboards can have up to 7 PCle while the Micro-ATX has up to 4 slots and Mini-ATX has only 1.

However, PCle slots are used for graphics cards it is also used for other various expansions like Sound Cards, Internal modems etc.


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4. Prices

Price can be a determining factor especially if you are budget-constrained. Many of you might think that Mini-ATX must be cheapest amongst all due to its size but due to its high demand, they are sometimes more expensive than ATX and Micro-ATX. If you are not restricted by budget then you can go for even the expensive motherboards.Β 

5. Power Phases

A motherboard with more power phases is an important element to look especially for overclocking. The first Motherboard was designed in 1981 and they continue to evolve as seen in this infographic. Power phases have changed enormously since then.

One of the primary reasons why gamers prefer ATX Motherboards is due to the real estate for accommodating extra power phases.

6. SATA Connectors

As every hard drive and optical drive requires the personal SATA connector and most of the ATX motherboards have six and minimum four which is sufficient for most of the users. If you are a hardcore gamer then it is important to make sure that you have at least one SATA 3 connector.

7. Expansion Slot Options

Expansion slots vary in different ATX motherboards ranging from minimum 4 slots to maximum 7 slots. For an average user, even four slots are more than sufficient but if your usage is more than you go for more than 4 slots. Most of the advanced motherboard offers majorly three types of expansion slots PCI Express X16, PCI Express X1 and the ageing PCI.

8. The CPU Beast

It is important to know that the CPU which you are using must be adaptable with the motherboard you use. If you are using Intel 8th generation core processor then you will need a board with LGA 1151 socket. But if you are using ATX then your job becomes of experimenting with CPUs that much easier. Here we've got options for Best Micro ATX Case for you.

To Sum Up

Technology changes everyday and so does Gaming. But, technologies developed with a tinge of future vision are supposed to last longer. Say Android for example. Based on this analysis, one thing is for sure. ATX is not going out of fashion anytime soon.

Long live Gaming!


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