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How are AI and ML incorporating in Mobile App Development?

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I am early adopter, like jotting down the ideas about the latest technology to offer information.

Since many years, computer technology is developing with a high success rate. The human lives have initiated an era to develop powerful computer systems for implementing their mobile apps into all verticals of the globe be it medicine, education, business and much more with the use of appropriate devices.

So, you may get a question like what exactly is going on in the modern world? Indeed, all credit goes to science and technology for a continuous development which has created a ray of scope to how our problems can get solved with the help of it. All devices are accentuated into a giant network known as the Internet of Things(IoT) including people.

Why Such A buzz for Artificial Intelligence?

We all are aware of the computer rockets that are launched into space whereby controlling the technological processes, you get to provide security systems for enterprises. In present times, you can even make use of your mobile to recognize the speech and make certain decisions and even offer a translator.

All of these mobile-enabled features are based on artificial intelligence as it is considered as a full methodology of think and learn mode to incorporate in the computer systems. What does this indicate? Well, the number of smart programs are developed by using deep knowledge and research on AI, the developers build intellectual functions as per the mental capabilities and potential that is implemented in other mobile apps.

We can assume that before the existence of the computer programs or machines who are self capable of thinking for themselves, the humans used to have an equivalent thinking level. There is no doubt in human intelligence doing the similar computational speed alike computers but here what differentiates them is — abstraction. Humans tend to think abstractly leading to problem-solving skills and leaving some details out of imagination. Addition to this, human intelligence can also generate innovative ideas which can lead to great innovations.

Let us begin with the AI-enabled programs to look after what great difference do they make to our modern lives as compared to the previous ones. The advantages of the AI programs include an ability to respond automatically to all the universal questions by excluding the special ones as they require a certain modification of the informative parts of the algorithms without the modifying the entire structure for a quick response.

We have been observing a huge transformation invariant industries as they are making use of AI and ML to improvise their current services. Moreover, the future versions of iOS and Android are expected to see a lot more new features and applications that can be integrated with AI and ML. In this article, we will be looking at all the changes brought the mobile technology using AI and ML.

Empowers Search Engines

AI and ML are introducing the users to a new method of search by making use of images and voice not so similar to the text mode. All of the Android developers are building voice and image recognition system by integrated AI and ML in the mobile applications for smoother user experience. Henceforth, AI is providing app localization to enhance the conversion rate.

Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things

With the help of AI, you are able to communicate your device with each other. AI is allowing to have some drastic changes by making a collection of all the real-time data and processing it to let other devices learn how to function on their own. Hence, AI is a helping hand for Android developers for learning and executing every piece of exchanged information from different devices to take the necessary steps.

Smart Phone cameras for absolute subject detection

Mobile devices are one such vertical where both the manufacturers and app developers are working together to integrate with AI and ML. By making use of artificial intelligence, the mobile device interface can detect the object in the came frames very easily. Moreover, AI and ML can easily recognize the facial expressions to enhance it and revert a super portrait image.

Real-time language translation

Currently, there are many applications which allow the user to take an image of the text in one language and translates it into another language. Yet, many such applications require to use the internet in order to upload images for analyzing and translating them. To resolve this, once you integrate your device with AI and ML, it becomes capable and smart enough to translate various languages on an immediate basis without any need of an internet connection.

Face recognition for highly secured smartphones

Face unlock has highly gained popularity among all the Android devices since the launch of iPhone X in the year 2017. For designing the extraordinary FaceID unlocking system, Apple had incorporated AI and ML-based algorithms. The artificial intelligence system works to figure out the face of the device used for a secure unlock along with the combination of premium hardware. With the help of face unlock feature, it adds an extra layer of protection to your device and data. In the upcoming years, we can definitely see a rise in a number of Android developers and smartphone makers implement the face unlock feature by making use of AI processing where the smartphone can easily identify the user’s face with the facial changes such as specs or beard over the time.

High mobile app authentication

Artificial intelligence is having a huge responsibility for the shoulder when it comes to cybersecurity. We do need an advanced level of data security when it comes to accessing ever-changing technology. The security is one of the biggest concern when it comes to developing new mobile applications. By using both AI and ML, the security concerns and issues are reduced by receiving alerts to the users about the possible threats and vulnerabilities for analyzing user behavior.

Creation of App Marketing

Marketers need to maintain and collect a huge set of online and off data for the ultimate marketing of your application. This can be very much time-consuming and requires more hard work because it is a tough job to maintain the data for each consumer when asked to deal with thousands of customers across the globe. AI-based applications and smartphones are helping to analyze and research the market by purchasing the user history. According to the study carried out by the researches, it is expected to see a growth in the number of business and companies who are going to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning for increasing their sales. Addition to this, AI and ML are also helping businesses to approach towards better marketing decisions for increasing user engagements and sales.

Wrapping Up!

We can see a hike in the impressive growth of AI and ML these days as the businesses are focusing more on advertisements and influences who are micro-targeting their customers in order to expand their market reach. AI is expected to get integrated into 5G smartphones in the upcoming years which indicated that the users can get more benefits of ML and AI in order to collect, store, and process the real-time data. In order to get the new exciting features in your Android app, you should hire Android developers for the same. Keep Learning!

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Olivia Diaz is working at eTatvaSoft.com, an Enterprise level Web & Mobile Application Development Company. An avid reader and a passionate writer, She shared her ideas on path-breaking IT solutions, current IT trends and much more. Understanding how technology affects the world is her subject of interest.

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by Oliviadiaz @oliviadiaz. I am early adopter, like jotting down the ideas about the latest technology to offer information.Read my stories


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