How Application Stability Management Affects Developer Productivity by@bugsnag

How Application Stability Management Affects Developer Productivity

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The leading application stability management solution trusted by over 6,000 engineering teams worldwide.

See how Application Stability Management (ASM) drives developer productivity and smooths the user experience. Developers and Product teams benefit from the customer-centric approach of ASM, which spans the pre-production phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and into production. Prioritize errors(not all bugs are worth fixing), manage releases, and save time and money.


0:00 the average developer spends 60 of their

0:02 time investigating and fixing software

0:04 bugs and every year software bugs cost

0:07 an average of 85 billion dollars in the

0:10 global gdp so how can app developers

0:13 reduce the volume of crashes in

0:14 production and maintain release velocity

0:17 developers do their best to run static

0:19 analysis and to qa what they might

0:21 expect to happen but once they're live

0:24 it's like the wild west

0:26 it's impossible to predict exactly what

0:28 will happen when users begin interacting

0:30 with your code now existing solutions

0:33 can identify errors but their reports

0:35 aren't helpful making it virtually

0:37 impossible to segment or prioritize the

0:39 most important errors within thousands

0:41 of pages of reports these tools are

0:43 designed for devops and infrastructure

0:45 teams or log reading specialists not app

0:48 developers so developers created error

0:51 monitoring tools to display errors in a

0:53 user-friendly dashboard with readable

0:55 stack traces making it much easier to

0:58 investigate and fix errors that's why

1:00 leading engineering organizations have

1:02 adopted application stability management

1:04 into their development process

1:06 application stability management or asm

1:09 is designed and built for application

1:11 engineers to help with identifying bugs

1:13 assisting with bug prioritization and

1:16 providing actionable insights what's

1:18 more asm can be implemented even earlier

1:21 in the software development life cycle

1:23 not just post-production engineers can

1:25 begin asm from development all the way

1:28 through production asm solutions provide

1:31 readable error reports for platform and

1:33 device specific crashes powered by

1:35 built-in workflow functionality that

1:37 promotes code ownership and team

1:39 collaboration businesses know that asm

1:42 solutions provide a unique focus on

1:44 improving the user experience and

1:46 developer productivity and it supplies

1:48 exactly what is needed for developer and

1:51 product teams to learn more about

1:53 application stability management visit

1:55 and sign up for a free

1:58 14-day trial

2:00 [Music]

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by Bugsnag @bugsnag.The leading application stability management solution trusted by over 6,000 engineering teams worldwide.
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