Ecommerce UI/UX Conversion Audit: Decisions That Helps Andamen to Win More Customersby@himani_kankaria
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Ecommerce UI/UX Conversion Audit: Decisions That Helps Andamen to Win More Customers

by Himani KankariaNovember 3rd, 2019
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Himani Kankaria is a results-driven content writing and digital marketing consultant. He is running a series of ecommerce conversion hacks on eComKeeda. Learn from Andamen how to make an effective and successful ecommerce website’s UI/UX to win customers despite the competition from the market leaders. Andamen is India's top niche fashion brand for men. They make stylish shirts for everyone from India, London to New York. Their Continuous Compelling Advantage is that they rarely restock the style that has been sold.
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Learn from Andamen how to make an effective and successful ecommerce website’s UI/UX to win customers despite the competition from the market leaders.

Disclaimer: We and Andamen are connected in no way. So, we are not here to promote the brand, its products, values, or anything else.

I am running a series of ecommerce conversion hacks on eComKeeda. Recently, I worked with Vatsal Shah and prepared a list of ecommerce store features that leaves a mark on online customers and invoke conversions.

The purpose is to help every ecommerce brand (SME or large) to learn from different ecommerce businesses to scale up their businesses.

Let’s have a brief of what Andamen is into.

About Andamen

Andamen is India’s top niche fashion brand for men.

Andamen is successful despite the dominance of the fashion market leaders.

This eCommerce website sells casual and formal shirts that are made up of the world’s finest cotton material- Egyptian Giza.

They make stylish shirts for everyone from India, London to New York. Their Continuous Compelling Advantage (CCA) is that they rarely restock the style that has been sold.

Now, let’s jump into discussing what makes Andamen one of the best niche fashion brands.

Powerful ecommerce UI/UX making Andamen super successful

Here I am covering the ecommerce website features and functionalities that Andamen has used strategically, to win this competitive industry.

1. Size guide

When it comes to buying online, the first concern buyers have is the size. 

“Whether this size would fit me?”

Andamen comes up with a one-scroll size guide that pops up on the page when you click on the link here-

At one glance of this size guide, you will find Andamen’s size guide showcasing what means what-

Also, this size guide provides you a guide to measurement.

We’ll discuss the “How to measure” thing after finishing our talk about the size guide.

The other fold of the size guide comes up with the measurement ranges-

Also, Andamen gives choice to the buyers for the type of measurement- inches or centimeters. Based on the users’ convenience, they can find their perfect size to buy the product from Andamen.

A definite way to resolve customers’ size concerns can help you improve user experience (UX) and boost conversions easily and quickly.

2. “How to measure” feature

On top of the size guide, Andamen provides the guide on “how to measure” the perfect size. Potential buyers might need to confirm whether the size range provided by Andamen is accurate as per their sizes or not. 

And, Andamen values it which is seen here in this measurement guide. What I can see here is once you like a product, there are no ways that Andamen lets you go off the site.

Heights of awesome customer experience!

How much do you agree?

3. Size availability

When it comes to checking whether your size is available or not, there is drop-drown or something similar functionality available on most of the ecommerce websites.

But, Andamen makes it clear right at one view. They don’t want buyers to unnecessary invest in the time to check whether their size is available or not.

Well, this feature is surely not a conversion hack, but a customer experience one.

4. Sign up/Login using social accounts

Undoubtedly, Andamen is following the latest ecommerce success trends. Today, almost every top ecommerce website has social login options. And, to stay up in the eCommerce game, one needs to adopt the latest trends.

Andamen is doing a great job here.

5. Different badges for different products

When you land on an ecommerce website, how do you come to know if there are new arrivals, sale or anything else?

Most ecommerce websites have sale banners on the homepage and new arrivals at the end of the homepage.

Do you think about other ways? Andamen has got them.

  • “New” badge for new arrivals

When Andamen have new arrivals, you will see the product picture with a badge named, “New”.

  • “Elephant” with Indian flag’s tricolor for Freedom sale

Recently, they launched the “Freedom Sale” during the Indian independence day. The products that were listed in the sale had a badge of an “elephant” which is the logo of Andamen with a background of Indian flag’s tricolor.

  • “Back in” for bestsellers

Well, Andamen rarely restock their old styles. But, they have a bestseller section that showcases the products that are restock-ed. And, those products have a badge named, “back in.”

With these badges, they are saving on promotional banners and places to promote their new arrivals, bestsellers, and offers.

These badges indicate the product’s present stage and help the brand get more sales easily.

6. Product zooming functionality

Most ecommerce websites have the product zooming functionality as it is considered as one of the top UI/UX conversion hacks.

Usually, the zooming functionality includes the following scenario-

  • When a mouse hover happens, a pop-up-like window zooms the product and showcases the product as you move your mouse
  • Another type of zooming functionality is that when you click on the product picture, a new window pops up and showcases you the product in a slideshow manner

But, Andamen has something unique in zooming the product.

When you click on to zoom the product, the entire page is covered with the product image.

How cool and convenient! Well, that’s conversion-oriented as well.

7. Product details in category pages

Each category on the Andamen’s website has unbelievable product details. Hardly I have seen fashion brands flaunting the weight of the products. But, Andamen is unique in that case.

Check out how it showcases that one particular category has products that weighs 200 grams and another weighs 250 grams-

On top of that, they have these product details which help this ecommerce website stand out of the others-

  • Description
  • Weight 
  • Colors
  • No. of Designs

Everything from description to the number of designs is precise and no more explanation is required.

Frankly speaking, even market leaders are not such perfect on detailing the product on category pages.

8. Pincode check feature

Have you seen a Pincode check feature on some, or the other ecommerce websites? I guess, if not others, you might have seen this on Amazon at least. 

Yes, Amazon has this functionality and though not a market leader, Andamen feels the need for the same.

And, Andamen has creatively presented this feature along with priority and standard shipping and Cash on Delivery (COD) availability.

After all, Andamen does not believe in compromising the customer experience (CX), which is the direct way to win the ecommerce game.

9. Sale highlight in the menu

When an ecommerce website launches the sale or deal, they have only highlights on banners or probably on the category pages.

Andamen makes sure you even find it on the menu listings. Yes, check this out-

They want to do in as many ways as they can to do it uniquely and in style. They highlight the sale in the menu listing so that it stands out.

As discussed above, they don’t mess with their website space and use it effectively. 

10. Fit selection for Chinos

Yes, Andamen has a few collections of Chinos. 

Andamen understands that “size & fit” is everything a man wants when looking to buy clothes. 

And, that’s the reason why its mandatory to choose the fit when looking to buy Chinos.

This feature makes Andamen different from other fashion luxury brands.

11. Fabric information

Undoubtedly, Andamen is quite conscious about the fabrics they use for their products. They are niche, they are successful because of their fabric.

They know it so well that they even flaunt it on their website.

They want you to know why buying a product from Andamen becomes essential for every man. Describing your product effectively helps you convert more customers.

Take some inspiration from Andamen here.

12. Creative brand messaging

Andamen makes the utmost use of creativity in designing the products, website, and even content.

This eCommerce website belongs to India and they want their products to reflect the same. Their fabric, Egyptian Giza, is a combination of Indian and western contemporary look.

A brand’s clear message allow your customers to know that what your brand represents. And, a brand that is clear in its messaging are more likely to win a huge and loyal customers.

Now, you know why Andamen is doing this, right?

13. Cart in slider

Most of the ecommerce websites (even the market leaders) redirect you to the different cart page when you click on the cart button.

But, do you know that it might affect your sales?

Customers are more likely to visit more products if they don’t leave a product page. If they reach the cart page, they’re more likely to buy only those products and leave the site.

The chances for more purchase decreases with the page change.

And, Andamen cannot compromise on selling more products. Hence, when you click on the cart button, a slider from your right side pops out.

You can view your products here and even checkout from here itself. 

What a trick, Andamen!

14. Product Guarantee

I don’t like to highlight policies that help Andamen gain business. But, don’t you think this is like WOW?

Their return policy consists of 60 days which is way more than any standard ecommerce brand. On top of that, Andamen least cares about the reason and would allow you to return their product.

They’re so damn sure that the products that they’re selling are worth experimenting and hence, they know that they’ll hardly have returns.

How confidently they take pride!

15. Organized menu

Even while discussing ecommerce conversion hacks of, we shared that an organized menu makes the most when it comes to serving simple yet effective customer experience.

Similarly, this niche fashion brand also ensure that nothing can affect the appearance of the website.

And hence, Andamen has a small yet perfect menu.

16. Alterations on-demand

Customization is one thing that most customers love when shopping apparels online. All for one such reason- our tailors are not that expert.

Andamen wants their customers to wear something that is of the perfect size and fit. And, it takes every effort to make it happen.

That’s the reason they have come up with alteration on-demand service for their high-valued customers.

Andamen does not want their customers to complain about almost anything.

17. Unique product names

I am not sure how many products Andamen have on their website. But, giving each of them a unique name itself is something unique.

Customers appreciate when you have something unique to showcase. It not the products, their names would do.

Look at their names, full of creativity and meaningful- Stretch Blue, Hug-me-Blue, etc.

Impressive on this part, Andamen!

18. ‘Add to Bag’ in Size Guide

From where can you invoke conversions on your ecommerce store? Just imagining and planning this would take days and days.

Don’t worry, I am not sure how many days or months Andamen has taken to decide this. But, the thing that I know is that- a conversion taking place from the size guide.

I don’t think I need to elaborate this as you know how important each stage of your ecommerce website is.

Andamen, a brilliant job!

Win more customers like Andamen

It takes months-long strategy, planning, and execution to have a website like Andamen. Everything is planned so perfect that the entire website UI/UX interacts with the visitors and give them a mesmerizing experience within the same.

This is an ecommerce website which is a mixture of everything from design, excellent customer experience to effective buying.

Learn from these ecommerce website UI/UX (even conversion) hacks and become a successful player in this competitive industry.