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How and Why Makers Should Set a Deadline They Can't Extend

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Hi, makers:)

This week I thought that we would dive into the productivity market. Like everybody, I am struggling with time management and meeting deadlines.

Before we start I would like to say that the competition in the productivity market is huge and I am not a big fan of this market. So before diving into execution I would strongly recommend real market validation.

If you are in a hurry skip directly to the lean canvas starting from 🚩 Problem.

“Perfection is the enemy of good.” - Voltaire

The chimp in my brain said that we have to deal with procrastination and gave me an idea. I would call it - Next Deadline.

The historical meaning of deadline —> a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot.

"Everyone procrastinates, but not everyone is a procrastinator." - Joseph Ferrari

So the main point of the idea is to create future action that can’t be canceled. So, for example, I have to write a newsletter weekly and publish it on Mondays. I commit and schedule an action that will publish this particular story next Monday at 12 p.m. The commitment was made and the story will be published no matter what. I can only update the content until the deadline.

Set deadline (future event action) —> deliver/update (get job done) —> automatic execution of set events.

Possible future actions —> sending emails, social share/publish, file upload …

It’s like ifttt.com or buffer.com for future events that you can’t cancel.

I know it sounds a little bit scary, but when you know that there’s no way back you get in action and forget procrastination.


🚩 Problem

  • People fail to meet deadlines.
  • People procrastinate when they don't set deadlines.

Existing Alternatives

✅ Solution

Tool for setting deadlines (future action) that can't be canceled & only updated. (Set future action —> Execute/Update —> Action execution )

  • Send Email
  • Post on social
  • Publish file
  • ……….

Key Metrics

💡 Unique Value Proposition

  • Set deadlines action that can’t be canceled and get into action.
  • High-Level Concept - buffer for deadlines

👥 Customer Segments

  • Students
  • Tech teams
  • Early Adopters - Local students

💲Cost Structure

  • Server Hosting
  • Product Development
  • Team Payroll

💰 Revenue Streams

  • Investments
  • Premium feature - extend the deadline for 1 day, week … for X $

🤯 Some facts

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