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How is AI-powered Software Development influencing Pet Tech

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“The thing that's going to make artificial intelligence so powerful is its ability to learn, and the way AI learns is to look at human culture.” - Dan Brown

Imagine if you could talk to your furry friend, wouldn’t that be amazing? While we cannot have deep conversations about time-travel and parallel universes with them, we can now understand their behavior (thanks to advances in AI-driven software development). 

According to a survey, 67% of American families own a pet and cats & dogs account for the majority of pet population in the US with over 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs. 

Keeping up with the needs of pets, however, is easier said than done. The fast-paced life and chaotic schedules make it rather difficult for pet owners to keep track of the feeding time, take them for a walk, or spot signs of disease. With these issues in mind, software development companies are creating artificially intelligent pet tech to help owners give pets the attention they deserve.

Applications & Benefits of AI-led Software Development in Pet Tech

Whether you are a service provider or consumer, technological feats like Artificial Intelligence have revolutionized daily state-of-affairs. The increase in demand for tech-driven solutions, especially by convenience-hungry Millennials, who account for three-quarters of dog owners in the US, have paved way for innovations in custom software development. Let’s take a look at some smart pet care solutions. 


Smart wearables like FitBit have changed the way humans stay fit & and PitPat aims to do the same for K9 companions. 

UK’s number one dog monitor allows owners to track their dog’s activity 24/7. The AI-driven mobile application gathers data from an electronic dog collar and displays it on your smartphone. It has the ability to identify movements like running, walking, sitting, eating, and sleeping and calculates time spent for each activity. Giving users the ability to keep an eye on the level of exercise the dog gets and their weight as well. Insurance companies are honing in on the benefits of daily exercise as well and suggesting their customers PitPat.

The best part about this intelligent on-demand mobile app, however, is that you can monitor it all from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone, a stable internet connection, and you are good to go.


Have you ever seen a cat or a dog make a video call? You will get used to that when you bring Petcube into your life. This robotic camera uses the magic of algorithms to differentiate a meow from a wuff and gets to work accordingly. 

When the pet makes a sound in front of this device, it sends an alert to the owner and opens up a live video feed and you can see what your furry friend is up to. The 2-way call also makes it possible for both parties to communicate (you’re a good boy!) from a distance, as they would at home. 

This advanced pet tech can also store & deliver food on-demand through a compartment inside it. So the owners don’t have to worry about leaving their pets home alone for longer periods. It won’t be long before state-of-the-art software development process would allow machines to predict any potential pet health issues before it happens. 

AI is the Future

The incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in our lives will only ease our lives. Advanced ML-driven devices will be able to communicate with pets as humans do. 

There will be no need for constant checkups from the vet. Virtual Pet Health Assistants embedded in mobile applications will use historical pet data to diagnose common health issues and prescribe medication accordingly, without any human intervention. Thus reducing costs and saving valuable time.

If your pets go missing, smart wearables can use the power of Google Maps and geolocation to pinpoint their location and guide them back home. The biggest benefit of AI, is that it gets better & reliable with time.

“It seems probable that once the machine thinking method had started, it would not take long to outstrip our feeble powers… They would be able to converse with each other to sharpen their wits. At some stage, therefore, we should have to expect the machines to take control.” - Alan Turing


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