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How AI Helps in Improving the Customer Experience?

Companies tend to lose $1.6 trillion in business as the customer switches to another product due to poor customer service. By 2020, the major focus of some of the leading companies will only be to provide a better experience to their clients.

In 2010, 24% of the Americans had posted online product reviews so currently, the number will be quite high as compared to this ancient statistic. These reviews pay a pivotal role in other customers in deciding whether a product is worth their time or not and coming across a fake review will definitely cause an undermined user experience.

Here are a few ways in which companies can use AI for better customer relationship management and to eliminate fake reviews from the web altogether.

Relying on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database

A number of organizations are faced with the challenge of extracting meaningful insights from the customers’ data. Most of the time, these organizations don’t even share data among different departments which causes disparity and lack of efficiency in their workflow. The employees need to collaborate for a powerful customer experience and for this, they need to work in uniformity.

This becomes a little bit complicated with a merger or acquisition. Some of the companies throw away the data of the earlier company prior to forming a union and this proves to be a major setback for the dedicated customers of the previous entity. Thus, keeping the CRM database is essential with AI combing through it for a better customer experience.


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Tracking Down Fake Reviews

In a study conducted by BrightLocal, it was found that 91% of individuals read online reviews prior to making a purchase. 74% of the people said that the positive reviews made them like or trust a business and 60% said that a negative review holds them back from buying a product. Considering these stats, we’ve found that online reviews hold immense importance for the general public so something serious should be done about the fake reviews.

Per Kathy Gallo, founder of Daily Cupo, With the help of artificial intelligence, it has become possible to figure out the fake reviews from the real ones and delete them. This technology has the ability to differentiate a genuine review from the ones which are a scam.

Directing Consumers towards Relevant Content and Using Smart Filters

Mobile traffic now accounts for 76% of store traffic but the attention span of mobile users is very short. The conversion rate of desktop users is 63% higher as compared to that mobile users thus, they are better consumers and shoppers too. Presenting relevant information or reviews to the mobile can bring a change in their attitude.

There are very low chances that when a customer is reading reviews, he is going to move to the second page. So, one needs to present the best positive, negative, and neutral reviews on the very first page. AI can again become your rescuer because it will filter the topics according to the interest of the consumer and present the most appropriate results. For example, while presenting mattress reviews they will display content which depends on your age, locality and buying power.


With big names like Amazon relying on AI to combat fake reviews, it is impertinent that you would also require it to provide a better experience to your users. AI can rely on customer data to present a great experience to the future prospects. It can also help the enormous number of Americans who read online reviews to make better buying decisions.

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