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How A.I. Can Be An Integral Part Of The Future

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Why Do We Need Technology?

Technology has progressed rapidly over the years. The past few years have seen some extraordinary innovations. These advancements in technology have helped people to work more efficiently and accurately.

These technologies have minimized human error and maximized productivity. Mankind has hugely profited from the latest advancements that science and technology have provided. In almost all spheres of life, some kind of machine or gadget is used. We use technology daily, at home, in school, in office, in hospitals.

You will find people using mobile phones, laptops or computers anywhere you look. They carry these devices along with them, wherever they go and use them whenever they need to. Therefore, we can all agree that technology has become an integral part of our lives and we cannot imagine a world without it.

Personal dives like phones and laptops are used every day and for several different purposes. We use them to study, to watch a movie to shop online, or to check social media. However, these devices have proven to be very helpful. We can share our location with someone else; we can look for places easily on an online map, share data within seconds, and carry out several other operations.

What is A.I. and How Does That Help Us?

With discoveries and innovations, the world of technology is experiencing yet something new, machine learning. Artificial intelligence or A.I. is one such innovation that is taking over the world rapidly.

Artificial intelligence also called machine intelligence is a branch of computer science. It focuses on producing machines that have some form of in-built intelligence that can help humans and minimize human effort.

Artificial intelligence may be of four types, reactive machines, self-awareness, the theory of mind, and limited memory. Artificial intelligence is a system that learns from data that is initially fed into it. The idea is that these systems can learn, evolve, make decisions, and modify with minimal human intervention.

Artificial intelligence may be conceptualized as the intelligence possessed by computer systems that help them make their own decisions, solve problems, and carry out other operations. Artificial intelligence has claimed to be more useful than natural human intelligence. However, this is debatable. Humans possess emotions and several other psychological processes that make them superior to any machine.

How Can We Use A.I.?

Most mobile phones, laptops, and computers provide artificial intelligence. You may be using artificial intelligence without your knowledge. These systems are programmed to help humans improve their quality of work and reduce the time taken for a specific operation.

Application of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a part of our daily lives. We use it often and almost depend on it. It is used in industries and organizations, in schools and colleges, in hospitals and for healthcare, finance, automobile, and so on.

1. Healthcare

Over the last few years, the healthcare sector has heavily depended on artificial intelligence. A.I. is used in hospitals and for healthcare because it is quick and extremely accurate. Humans can make error whereas technology can be trusted to avoid these errors. Artificial intelligence provides a swift diagnosis. Fast diagnosis helps doctors figure out operating procedures quickly and thus helping the patients recover quicker.

2. Social Media

We all use some or the other kind of social media. Most of us operate on several social platforms. Artificial intelligence is used in social media as well. Social media receives a lot of data from people all over the world. Artificial intelligence helps maintain and manage these data and keep track of all the actions being carried out on each social platform.

3. In Robotics

Most of us have dreamt of having a robot that will help us with our daily chores and run errands for us. We can expect this soon as science is working on building efficient robots to help humans. Artificial intelligence is used in robots. Robots with A.I. can function better than the usual robots which are expected to carry out repetitive tasks.

Robots that possess A.I. can solve their problems, make their own decisions, and modify themselves according to their surroundings and the nature of their owner. Robots with Artificial intelligence can be used for several purposes. They can be used in agriculture, in healthcare, in schools and colleges, in industries, in automobiles, for travel and transport and so on.

4. Online Shopping

We are all acquainted with the online shop. Most of us use online shopping sites for our daily groceries and supplies. Some of these online shopping sites use artificial intelligence as well. Artificial intelligence in such sites keeps track of what we like and what we are interested in.

The technology is programmed to show each user what they like and what they may buy, thus luring more customers and unconsciously compelling them to buy products that they may or may not need. No wonder these companies make a fortune!

5. In Banking

Many banks have adopted artificial intelligence. Systems with A.I. keep a record of all the transactions, detect any unusual activity, and play a huge role in discovering credit card frauds. These A.I. based systems help in customer service and answer questions for the customers. Banks can rely on artificial intelligence for security as these systems can easily detect actions that may reflect fraud.

6. In Finance

Changing market patterns can be predicted by artificial intelligence. For this reason, finance relies on A.I. based systems. These machines can store huge amounts of data and carry out algorithms to predict future changes in the market. Therefore, artificial intelligence can ensure profit and minimize loss.

Conclusion :

We are using technologies like televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners every day. Modern refrigerators are environment friendly merely emit harmful amounts of CFC. The best refrigerator is the one that emit a negligible amount of CFC and do not get heated up quickly.

The world around us is changing rapidly and we need to keep up with it. Artificial intelligence is a step towards the future and humans can benefit from it. It is designed to make human life simpler. Many industries have already adopted artificial intelligence. It has been proven to be helpful in any field if used correctly. Welcoming and accepting artificial intelligence is a necessary step we all need to take.


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