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How AI and blockchain are solving the relationship challenges in the 21st century

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The 21st century has changed how we live and think. The invention of computers and the paramount growth of the technologies has impacted almost every aspect of our life including love and relationship. Yes, you read it right. Now, we can date online and find relationship advice with a simple Google search. However, it is not perfect.

However, blockchain and artificial intelligence can now solve the love and relationship challenges. In this article, we will list some challenges that are now possible to change.

The love and relationship challenges in the 21st century solved by AI and blockchain

1. Verification

Have you ever wondered what is on the other side? Are they real or a person impersonating someone else? Scams are everywhere, and you can also find them when dating online. Blockchain can easily solve this issue and completely eradicate the problem. The blockchain is a decentralized way of data storage and verification. It is 100% secure, and no 3rd party elements can change the blockchain stored information. By solving this challenge, blockchain can now help users protect themselves, both emotionally and financially.

2. Poor Security and User’ Data Abuse

If you visit the online dating sites and services, you will find that your data is not secure. There are many ways your data can leak and be used by someone malicious. Not only that, the platform itself can sell your data to marketing companies and make your vulnerable. This leads to lack of transparency. The users also suffer from hacking and another form of poor security issues. The online dating websites and bots are not 100% secure and hence can lead to data leak when a hacker hacks the platform.

All of these can now be solved by the use of blockchain technology.

3. Relationship Challenges

The modern era of relationship has more challenges due to change in lifestyle and how we spend time on the internet. These challenges are now meet with the high divorce rate. The high rate of failure is not only because of conflicts but also because there is no proper guidance on how to handle relationship properly. Relationships fall off when after the honeymoon period ends. Romance, understanding, and connection slowly go down which leads to broken marriage or breakup.

With artificial intelligence, all of these can be changed as now couples as it can give them personalized advice and help them solve the problem. Artificial intelligence can transform the challenges and solve them using highly personalized information.

4. Stigma and Privacy Issue

Sharing relationship issues can be seen as a stigma in many cultures. It can also cause couples privacy issues. This can lead to more problems in the relationship as the problems compound and later results in divorce or breakup. The blockchain is also capable of providing complete privacy and hence protecting couples from any stigma. Not only that A.I. can solve problems which don’t require involvement from other humans, but also improve interactions within relationships.

5. Lack of Skills and Right Mindset

Currently, there are plenty of single people who date hundreds of people and still not able to find the right partner. This is partly because of their lack of skills to attract a partner or having the right mindset. It is also not possible for anyone else to guide them as practically it is not possible to understand the mistake that they are making. With machine learning and natural language empathy, singles can improve their chances of succeeding in making their date successful and also attract the “right” one.

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The impact of blockchain and artificial intelligence just cannot be ignored right now. Viola.AI is one of those platforms that can make it a reality. They also have the first to market advantage and seems to change how we date online, manage our relationship with great success. What do you think about the current state of love and marriage? Also, will the use of these technologies change our perception and improve our love life? Comment below and let us know.

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