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Space Traveling at Speed of Light

In this article I want to say you radical idea about colonization and productivity in terms of technologies what we now have.

Key points:

  • you at many places in one moment
  • you travel galaxy at speed of light
  • subjective experiences wiki database

Be productive as God (ok less than God but as army)

Imagine the future in which technologies can recover you from backup as information into new body or robot. This technology might not only copy you but and create your N examples. Moreover all of your clones will merge their experiences into ONE central You.

Hello Matrix!

Part of software developers guessed what about I am: Version Control or GIT as example. You can read about GIT here or here. In two words it is a program which watch for text (of your program) changes that you modify. In any moment you can split your texts to two branches (its like to copy paste your file in the same folder). In first branch as example you can add new sentences and rewrite part, in second you check and fix errors, add pics and rewrite parts too. After time you think that it will better to mix their parts and merge into one.

As example you can live on the Maldives and other locations in one moment, get education, get new funding and inspect factory with engineers for full control at fronts of your business.


  • It is good for you. Know, travel and other MORE.
  • It is Mega Science. Scientist that can work at much places to develop new humanitarian or economic theories. Student that read 10 books per day.
  • It is Hyper Capitalism of unbelievable scale. Its not about micromanagement, sure — its about philosophy of business. Efficiency of high level solutions through one view.

  • Much much more

Problems are trivial:

  • performance of cognitive structure
  • optimal reduction algorithm of experiences before merging into one
  • merging of valuable day experience (because there is priming and little things can matter)

My position:

  • I don’t believe in impossibility of copying (its like to live in the Stone Age and wait for invention of the Internet)
  • I don’t believe in “YOURS”. I strongly believe in the mixing uploaded experiences as your own that you allegedly lived before (I explain this in the future article if I will had the time and interest of readers)

Experience it as yours

Second idea is the database of open source (refined from confidential) experiences: math, language, life inside ghetto or being the President. Its not about “why to live if I only product from subproducts” because our access to mass education, Wikipedia, Internet is not about death of human civilisation just because you live in desacralization of president and power, can choose any job or partner what you want.


Third part is about human expansion. (sorry for structure — Medium prevents subbullets to insert) Shortly:

Possibility of mind copying postulates :

  1. materialistic position
  2. mind and memory as information
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IS THAT ABSOLUTELY THERE IS NO REASON* TO transfer soft fat-protein 150+ pound biomass through giant space
  • We need autonomous swarm of micro robots that will flight through space with uploaded minds inside

So these robots will

  • Seek ways for activity arrangement on available environment conditions (negotiate, research and analysis of resources for evaluation of available solutions base on end goals)
  • Create factory from materials on the planet
  • Produce new robots and upload human mind into them
  • Produce radio, laser or quantum transmitter (if it needed)

Meanwhile “robo”-humans

  • research and other goals
  • send minds back to the Earth as information through radio channel for merging experiences and knowledge
  • sharing experience between scientists and peoples on the Earth as if they were on that planet

OK GIT. You’re on!

Micro-robots create environment using intelligence. Nature engineers: colony of termites or human civilizations. You no need to be the bat to see in the night, you no need to be giant to build skyscraper. Small intelligent steps make big way. We can use something controllable from molecular biology like inventing new cyanobacteria etc

  • micro robots might be faster than rockets (Solar Sail, Breakthrough Starshot)
  • travel at speed of light — the prize for breaking that physical threshold
  • physical bottlenecks reduction by using information (DNA no need to be big as a human that makes it very efficient model from the nature)


  • We need transfer physically the first part of autonomous robots that is 80%+ of time of the mission. Bottleneck
  • In reality peoples on the Earth never be on the Exoplanet while not die . There is the Expansion Dilemma of Humanism as I named it (I will explain this interesting idea in my next article)

Problems of NOW:

  • Bandwidth of radio and laser channel is very bad for giant spaces to transfer something big (20–400 years for science). Quantum Physics might be candidate
  • Mind cloning and merging is impossible technology for the next 50–300 years
  • Dumb and autistic robots without ability to solve really creative problems (20–100 years)
  • Dumb negotiation skills even with Game Theory etc (hello politics — I don’t know how much)
  • Science of materials is at development green stage (20–200 years)


  • Brain scanning similar to 3D scanning form of plastic cube before 3D printing
  • File with scan data of cube that we can transfer globally through internet to our friend located in Australia
  • Friend printed cube using own 3D printer

End? No. I am about future without end.

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