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HIRE β€” A Crypto Producing Higher Returns

Hirematch (HIRE) is a cryptocurrency that intends to be a utility token. The overwhelming majority of their volume is on HitBTC.

HIRE provides huge moon potential for a number of reasons:

  1. The upcoming details regarding a partnership announcement with Recruiter.com,
  2. An upcoming token burn,
  3. The founder’s presentation in front of industry leaders from Indeed.com, Monster.com and Ziprecruiter.com,
  4. New exchange listings,
  5. An alpha version on the immediate horizon,
  6. The current state of the market and price of HIRE.

The King was privileged to speak directly to one of the founders of HIRE, Armando Pantoja, who filled us in on some very important updates on HIRE’s horizon. These updates are expected to dramatically impact the short term and long term value and utility of HIRE. In the crypto space, utility equates to value.

HIRE through a plethora of different catalysts is about to ignite their engines to take them to the moon. Increasing the utility of HIRE from solely a tradable token to a utilizable asset is the first step. According to Armando, HIRE is about to announce the terms of a major partnership with the long speculated Recruiter.com.

Pantoja is presenting on April 18, 2018, to the CEOs, top-level executives and many representatives of Monster.com, Ziprecruiter.com, and Indeed.com in Las Vegas. If a second or third partnership is announced with another major recruitment platform looking for blockchain integration, expect a huge bump in the HIRE coin value. A presentation of this magnitude to industry leaders in the recruitment field will provide the publicity and networking HIRE requires to solidify itself as a long-term candidate for blockchain recruitment.

HIRE has important upcoming presentations and major announcements in the next few weeks. However, they also have a coin burn on the horizon without the specifics announced. The number of coins burned will decrease the supply of outstanding HIRE. Economics 101 states as supply decreases, price increases (as long as demand remains unchanged). If demand increases as supply decreases, you have the short-term mooning impact on the price; a massive pump.

HIRE is a very strong short term play leading up to the April 18 presentation with the likelihood of true mooning occurring immediately thereafter.

The entire HIRE Moonshot article can be read here: https://btcmanager.com/moonshot-week-7-hirematch-hire/

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