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Here are Some of the Most Useful Coding Sites for Beginners

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@coombalex01Alex Coomb

Alex is fascinated with “understanding” people. It’s actually what drives everything he does.

If you have ever picked up a controller and guided a digital avatar through their own adventure then you may wonder what actually goes into creating a video game. Video games are of course one of the fastest-growing sources of entertainment and they are becoming so important in this day and age. Educational and training programs are now utilising them as tools and it is more important than ever to recognise how useful they can be. If you want to find out more about gaming and coding then simply take a look below.

Learn Gaming Development at Coursera

If you would prefer a much broader or educational approach to gaming then this is the solution. Coursera was developed by the Michigan State University and they are able to offer a very comprehensive and holistic gaming experience. This will get you ready for full-time gaming development and it is a six-month program.

This means that you will have all of the skills you need to become a gaming developer and it is a fantastic way for you to broaden your skills. The program is free to start too so there is absolutely no risk. If you want to check out some of the games you could develop then look at this casino.

Unreal Coding at Epic

You might have heard of the term Unreal engine before. It probably showed up when you were developing a new game or when you were reading a message board. Unreal is a very powerful software and it gives you the chance to learn a way to make dynamic and complex games. Epic, who are the developer of Unreal know how much of a demand there is for training and that is why they have worked hard to try and create a set of tutorials that will help you along the way.

Find a Career at Career Karma

You can also try and get a new career at Career Karma. When you do, you will soon find that you can have the best time and that you can also learn whatever you want about gaming on the job. There are so many gaming companies who want to take on apprentices as it means that some of their most experienced gaming coders can then move onto other projects.

Of course, if you have never even thought about a career in gaming before then now is the time for you to change that. After all, gaming is a very lucrative industry and you would be surprised at how many options there are out there for you to choose from.

Coding at GitHub

GitHub is quite possibly the leader when it comes to software development. They are also the biggest open-source community around too. They are able to provide you with some of the most important tools around when it comes to coding and the great thing about them is that they are able to offer a huge range of services, completely free of charge.

In addition to this, if you are able to develop a code then you can easily share it with your peers. GitHub have over 3.5 million users and this alone makes it one of the best sites if you want to learn how to code.

Learn Coding through Codecademy

Codecademy are one of the many free coding sites which give you the chance to learn how to code. They have over 45 million users and their platform is excellent to say the least. They are an amazing site and they are also able to teach you how to learn Javascript, CSS, Python and more.

It’s really worth mentioning that they give you a brand-new way of learning and that it is super interactive too. They give you the chance to learn coding with all of your friends and they even offer a custom learning plan. If you want to learn in various languages, then you’ll be glad to know that this is also an option.

Develop your Skills at Treehouse

Treehouse are a very well-known name in the world of website development. They are a reputable company and they give you the chance to learn how to code for free. They are able to offer over 1000 new and high-quality videos and they also cover a huge range of topics too. They can offer you website design, website development and entrepreneurship too.

Treehouse make it possible for you to learn at your own pace and you can also choose various languages for your coding. You can start at an elementary level and they give you the chance to develop your experience. You can also cater your learning experience to meet your own needs too, so you won’t have to worry about a thing there.

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@coombalex01Alex Coomb

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Alex is fascinated with “understanding” people. It’s actually what drives everything he does.


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