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Hackernoon logoHeartbreaking: Area Man Can’t Exit Vim by@thebyte

Heartbreaking: Area Man Can’t Exit Vim

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@thebyteThe Byte

While attempting to perform an interactive rebase for the first time, local programmer Jason Lin was unceremoniously dumped into the bowels of Vim without any warning.

“What the heck, why can’t I type anything?” the Sublime user said in horror, mashing the keyboard to no avail before frantically Googling “git rebase freezes terminal window”. When even the time-tested technique of turning his computer off and then turning it on again didn’t work, Lin sat up with a look of absolute terror on his face and whispered, “Oh my God. What if I’ve been hacked?”

At press time, Lin was heard muttering “Please work, please work, please work” as he opened up another terminal window to type in rm -rf.


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