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Happy 3December!

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@rayalezRay Alez

Today, December the 3rd, is the day we celebrate 3D Computer Graphics and all the people who create Digital Art. If you are interested in Visual Effects, Animation, Game Design, or anything else related to using Computer Graphics as a medium — congratulations, have a happy holiday! =)

If you’re not a 3D artist — this is a great time to experiment with this stuff. I’ve been a huge fan of this field for years, and as much as I love programming, 3D is still the most fun thing I have ever done, my favorite hobby, and I highly recommend it to everyone!
Go download Maya, ZBrush, Blender, or, my personal favorite, SideFX Houdini, and try building something with it! I promise, it’s gonna be awesome.

To discover some brilliant Digital Artists and get inspired — go to ArtStation, and check out the amazing artworks they create.

3December challenge

If you’re up for a challenge — pick a theme and create a 3D model or an Animation with that theme. Share your projects(and work in progress) on /r/3December, on twitter with a #3December hashtag, or in replies to this post!

(I share my personal artworks on my ArtStation profile, and my tutorials, rigs, and the progress I make at learning CG on my blog).


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