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Hacker Noon Contributors: Here is How to Get Free IQ When You Sign Up For Everipedia

As announced, Everipedia and Hacker Noon are partnering together. Part of this initiative includes inviting all of you who contribute to Hacker Noon to not only become Everipedia Editors but to receive 200 free IQ when you start off when you set up an EOS account.* In order to participate in this, here are the following steps.

  1. Since Everipedia is built on EOS, you will need an EOS account in order to make pages and edits. A tutorial is provided here (https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/everipedia-tutorial-english/) with all of the steps.
  2. Once you completed the tutorial, please email us at team@everipedia.com with your name, link to your Hacker Noon profile, and EOS account name. After which, you will be emailed back with a confirmation and 75 IQ will be sent to your EOS account.
  3. Once you complete your first edit on Everipedia, please email back with the page you edited in order to attain the remaining 125 IQ.
  4. Those who are nominated as Everipedians-in-Residence (someone who is an expert in that field and wants to edit pages related to that field) will receive an additional 200 IQ.

And that’s it. As you will notice when you participate, the Everipedia system gamifies edits and as you make more contributions to the platform, you will earn more IQ over time.

Note: If you don’t want to go through the process of getting an EOS account, you can instead signup with your social media accounts from the homepage. Note: In this method, there will be no free IQ.

We realize that many of you will have questions about the tutorial and more so if you do, please direct them in our Telegram or email dave(at)everipedia.com. Thanks!

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