Hackernoon logoHacker Noon Acquires Crypto Disrupted, the Podcast by Trent Lapinski by@DavidSmooke

Hacker Noon Acquires Crypto Disrupted, the Podcast by Trent Lapinski

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The cryptocurrency podcast will join Hacker Noon to make a more mainstream tech podcast —THE HACKER NOON PODCAST!

Trent Lapinski will take over as the host for the upcoming weekly Hacker Noon Podcast. The first episodes will be released in late September. You can subscribe today by visiting https://Podcast.HackerNoon.com.

Over the last calendar year (Aug 17 — Aug 18), Hacker Noon stories have generated 95,000,000+ pageviews. To date, this has been text stories, but in a recent Hacker Noon survey, 71% of readers said they would like to listen to a Hacker Noon podcast. We also will be upping the production value of the podcast with the help of musician Derek Bernard.

Early guest commitments for the new Hacker Noon podcast include:

Trent Lapinski first made his impact on Silicon Valley covering Steve Jobs keynotes in his teens, and later in his twenties building tech startups. Now in his early thirties, Trent is a future-focused technologist, journalist, hacker, and former startup founder with a successful exit.

The Hacker Noon podcast will explore new mediums for delivering the truth about how the tech industry actually functions. Read press: Tech Startups, Business Wire

If you’d like to sponsor the podcast, please email [email protected]


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