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Great Examples Of Brands Roping In Cause-Related Campaign

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The world of information that we live in today, people are now getting knowledgeable on the business practices that were at a point hidden. According to one of the studies, it was revealed that about 80% of consumers are saying that business should play a role in addressing social issues. Here we shall be covering on the way brands are roping in cause-related marketing.  

What does Cause Marketing mean?

Cause marketing is a kind of marketing that is done by the brands that are after increased profits and enhancing society as well. In this manner, they are staying in line with organizational social responsibilities. This can be done by including the activist message in the advertising campaign.

The main principle of cause marketing is aligning a specific brand with the cause for producing profits and also helping society. This benefits both the parties. The mutual advantage may include enhanced public connections, social value making, profit, and also shared value communication.

Cause marketing includes serious collaborative efforts that occur between the brand and the NGO for mutual benefits. Different organizations usually pair up with social causes for creating a meaningful impact. But most business owners do it for driving authentic consumer engagements and also building brands.

Social Cause Marketing: What is it?

With the surfacing of social media like facebook marketing, the fruitful platform has led to increasing awareness of social causes. This can also help with gaining consumer trust and participation. Consumers are also smart now. They are easily able to understand the canny choices on the brands they look forward to buying from. This depends on the kind of company identity and brand image an organization has.

Some well-known Cause-related Campaigns:

Here are some of the best examples that we have seen in the country, that showcase cause-related campaigns. This has made a wonderful impact on society as well.

1. Red Ramp Project by Johnson Tiles:

Johnson Tiles are the bath tile makers. They had always aimed at sanitizing the society for making the public placed disabled-friendly. With more than 10 million people that are not able to visit the beaches, airports, temples, churches, and malls, there was a need to think about how the public places in the country needed to change for being disabled-friendly.  

They were then able to launch the Red Ramp Project. This was first built at the Goa’s Kiri beach. Disabled people were now able to visit the beaches through the tiled ramps and also feel the water on their feet. 

The company also made a campaign video that was created to show 3 people with different physical disabilities. This video showcased how the ramp had helped them in fulfilling their dream of visiting the beach.

2. Dark is beautiful by Women of Worth:

This campaign had gained popularity in recent months. The country had a history of considering dark skin as beautiful and girls of darker skin as not. In India, women are told constantly that having fair skin makes them beautiful. But these beauty standards are very narrow and people need to understand the fact that dark skin is equally beautiful.

This campaign had discouraged the use of fairness products and encourage everyone to be proud of their true color. The main aim was celebrating the fact that beauty resides in all skin colors.  

3. Jago Re campaign by Tata Tea

This was an initiative by Tata Tea in the year 2009 and the objective has kept changing over the years. The first reminder was made for voting the leaders that will be accountable for making the country progressive. Later these campaigns had put forward messages against bribery and the simplified knowledge as Choti Shuruat that focused mainly on women empowerment.

4. Help a child reach 5 by Lifebuoy

Now there are preventable infections in the country like pneumonia and diarrhea. Every year 1.3 million children used to get infected before they even turn 5. Sadly most of the children and infants come from rural and semi-rural areas that are from families with very low income. This also means that mothers had very little awareness of the small steps that they can take for stopping the infections.

The company encouraged handwashing benefits and also publicized the information on hygiene in remote rural areas of the country. Because of this, about 130 million people were trained for proper hand hygiene through the help of a child reach 5 initiative. It helped in keeping the children and parents protected from the risks.  

Advantages of Cause Marketing For Brands:

Cause Marketing increases awareness and exposure for NGOs and businesses respectively. This is an effective marketing strategy and offers some amazing benefits. Some of the advantages include:

  • Brand loyalty enlargement.
  • Employee morale-boosting.
  • Sales Growth.
  • Positive reviews and press coverage.
  • Stand out images from the competition.

Having a favorable public establishment is one of the biggest advantages of this marketing campaign. With studies, it had revealed that a lot of consumers switch to a different brand if it was linked with a cause for the betterment of society. 

Also, understand that this is different from philanthropy. It’s purely a marketing strategy for generating better business and helping non-governmental organization. 

Final words:

From all of the examples that we mentioned it is clear that cause-related campaigns are the perfect way for bringing awareness towards vital causes. These can be a bit tricky when it comes to tracking the impact or performance, but it has a great demand by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Therefore cause-related marketing is a norm. The customers that visit the website will be observing the social media activity and see that your business stands for specific principles.

This will establish that the brand is approachable and motivates community sense on the target audience. When done correctly, cause-related marketing can become a huge factor in building the brand community. This is also good for establishing high brand values and the audience will be connecting in a much better way with you.

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by Laksh Mohan @techtoogle.I am the founder of Tech Toogle where I write a few words aiming at igniting knowledge of technology
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