Google’s AI Based AutoDraw Turns Your Rough Scribbles Into Beautiful Icons For Free

Google’s latest A.I. experiment is a web-based drawing tool called AutoDraw that converts your rough scribbles and doodles into beautiful, symmetrical icons/clipart that you can download for free. It works on your phone, computer or tablet and uses artificial intelligence to guess and suggest a more polished icon or symbol to replace your drawing.

The program uses the same technology found in Quick. Draw! — an online game developed by Google that uses neural network artificial intelligence to guess what a user has drawn (it’s like playing Pictionary against a computer). The Al learns from each drawing, increasing its ability to guess correctly in the future. 
 AutoDraw also lets you draw freehand, without suggestions. Just like any other basic drawing app, you can fill and resize objects, change colors, add text in different fonts, draw polygonal shapes, etc.



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