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Google Shopping Market Analysis of Sports & Outdoors

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One of the major factors for improving product buy-ability in shopper’s journey is offering a competitive price. Experts analyzed product pricing data on the first page of Google Shopping Search Results, for highly competitive keywords, during the month of February 2021.

  1. Total SKUs Found: 3,475
  2. Brands Total Sellers: 2,500
  3. SKUs Total Brands: 374
  4. Total Price Changes: 20,000

Top Retailers and Competitors

eBay is the top retailer carrying products with the highest visibility in Google Shopping SERP with over 1000 products. DICK’S Sporting Goods, Walmart, Baseball Savings.com, and Scheels are amongst other top 5 retailers carrying those products.

Also, we found eBay was the retailer with the greatest number of price changes in 1,000 products. However, the most competitive retailer competing in the “Sports & Outdoors” Market was Baseball Express, with over 8% of the price changes on less than 250 products. Meaning, they were changing their prices much more aggressively than their competitors.

Most Visible Brands

Based on the pricing data collected, Nike was the top brand visible with 158 products, followed by Easton, with 113 products.

Rawlings was found to be the most price-competitive brand but have less product visibility. Rawlings was the brand with the most aggressive price change strategy, as they had 7% of the total price changes on just 84 SKUs. The price change data showed that some of the brands with less product visibility have high price fluctuations.

Most Competitive Price Range

Our Pricing analysis showed that the majority of price changes occurred between ranges of $0-$50, with 32% of price changes on 648 distinct SKUs. The price range between $50-$100 was found to be the most competitive, with 18% of price changes occurring on 17% of distinct SKUs.

The least competitive price range was $0-$50. This range had 34% of sports & outdoors products, but only 32% of total price changes. The price ranges between $200-$500 seemed to have fewer price changes, and a smaller number of products, leading to less competition in comparison to other price ranges.

Best Deals for Shoppers

We found eBay as the retailer to offer the best deals with the lowest prices on 40% of products. After eBay, DICK’s Sporting Goods provided good deals for customers, with the lowest prices on 21% of their products, followed by Baseball Savings.com, Walmart, and Wish.

Best Weekday for Shoppers

As per the product pricing analysis for the most competitive day of the week, we found that Tuesday was the best day for the availability of the lower-priced Sports & Outdoors products. Prices were lowered 58% of the time while being raised 42% of the time compared on Tuesdays. Monday was found to be the day of the week with the highest rate of raised prices (62%) and lowered only 38% of the time. Also, we found that prices were raised more often during weekdays and lowered more often on the weekends.

Top Products Carried by Most Sellers

Here are the top 5 most visible products in Google Shopping SERP in the Sports & Outdoor Category.

The data regarding the retailers and brands were examined through product intelligence tool to have a holistic view based on SKU Count, level of competition, price ranges, high priced and low priced SKUs, and most competitive day of the week for the retailers in ‘Sports & Outdoors’ category.


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