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by Abhi KulshresthaDecember 22nd, 2018
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Hi! My name is Abhi Kulshrestha, presently pursuing class 12th and belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA. I am kinda a boy who is both extrovert and introvert! But that’s the thing which makes me different.
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Hi! My name is Abhi Kulshrestha, presently pursuing class 12th and belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA. I am kinda a boy who is both extrovert and introvert! But that’s the thing which makes me different.

Hailing to get into some IT fields, i tried to make many door of opportunities and one among them is GOOGLE CODE-IN 2018.


Google Code-in is an annual contest by Google for pre-university students (age 13–17) to make them introduce to Open Source Organisation. Google Code-in gives an opportunities to students by making them introduce to first most step towards their respected intrest field.


Getting Start to it, a respected student is used to choose an organisation which is selected by the Google. A participant should choose an organisation with his/her corresponding abilities in particular fields. I am natively an ios developer and android developer natively works on swift and java.

The Tasks are categorised as:- Design, Quality Assurance, Code, Outreach/Researchor Documentation/Training.


So it was about Google Code-in 2017 when i was influenced by my cousin brother Vatsal Kulshrestha who participated in Google Code-in 2017. Google Code-in 2017 was at the end and so i decided to participate in Google Code-in 2018. I decided to learn more about Google code-in and make myself prepare for it.

I started making some UI design, video editing, image editing, image designing and many others needed to make me perfect for the Google Code-in 2018 till the date reaches.


The Google Code-in 2018 was seeming far but was near. What if we say? objects in (the) mirror are closer than they appear. Right!? Time was passing by very fast and i literally didn’t had an idea when GCI 2018 was at the verge to start.

So it was the high time to get into my destiny and go on to it. I fasten my belt for GCI. My Machine was ready, I was all set for the throttle and the day for which i was waiting was here. Now this is the time to analyse myself and and possibly win the contest!

So getting start to it, I rigorously analysed each organisation and go down the line which suits.

As the contest started i took an aim for organisation CATROBAT. The organisation was totally based on their app PocketCode which i have never known to. After completing only one task i wasn’t able to find any task that fits to my abilities, and merely the organisation didn’t suited me.

I was bit upset as i was expecting more from myself. And so i took break for a while adapting myself to the situation. I started with a motive of least expectations and more work. And from here my de facto journey begin!

Once again i choosed my new organisation i.e., DIAL(digital impact alliance) which basically has three sub-organisation MIFOS, LIBREHEALTH and USHAHIDI. I set in stone for Mifos Initiative, and my confidence was raised when in only one day my 5–7 task were reviewed successfully. I had a huge intrest in contributing to the mifos and so i did. And on 26 th NOVEMBER my name was on the leaders board. It was a great pleasure for me. With a great response by Mifos, i also contributed for LibreHealth, not much but some.


Mifos is a sub-organisation of DIAL. Mifos is basically a non - profitable initiative to create a family of 3 billion maries where each of the poor and unbanked people has an access to the financial resources needed to create a better life for themselves and their family. One of the main motive is to eliminate the poverty from the world with connecting poor and unbanked people to the services they should take.

Ed Cable, after supporting the community for several years as community manager, was ready to help the community stand united in guiding Mifos in its next phase.

Mifos is trying to resolve the problem by introducing the unbanked people by FinTech banks, NeoBanks and many other mobile money provider.


Google Code-in was the bestest experience till now i ever had. It taught me each and everything. It was all from the basics to advance. it taught me:-

  1. How to contribute to open Source?

  2. How to use GITHUB?

3. how to help others?

4. how to seek help and work hard until you succeed

5. Many different helps and answer from each mates and many more.


This would not be possible without the Mentors, who helped me at the each stage and whenever i was in problem related to task.I am way far better than i used to be, Thank YOU! Edward Cable, Chirag Gupta, Lehone, Robby O’Connor and all other for supporting and encouraging me till the end.

Google Code-in was a great experience, which taught me many new things that would surely help me in the future. People helped me alot in the community chat and i also tried to help all others wherever I can, by searching and knowing more about it.

I am overwhelmed to contribute to DIAL which encouraged me when i was low, which boosted my confidence when i needed the most. I would also like to thank my Parents and all the people who supported me throughout the journey of GCI 2018.

From here my journey to the destiny begins. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and Google code-in 2018 was first step to my destiny. There is still a long way to go. I incur my work totally to the DIAL. This journey might be a small achievement for many, but it means a lot to me.