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Goodbye to Storify

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@jloriJose Luis Orihuela

(and how to recover yourย stories)

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The popular digital content curation tool Storify has announced that it will no longer be available as of May 16, 2018: Storify End-of-Life.

Fortunately, a procedure to export the stories has been planned. It works like this:

1) Access your Storify account
2) Place the mouse over a story and activate View
3) Access the main menuย ... and activate Export
4) Select an export format: HTML, XML or JSON
5) In the File menu of the browser select Save as/Complete web page
6) Repeat the procedure with each story

As a suggestion, those stories that are composed only of tweets, could be reconstructed manually with the functionality โ€œMomentsโ€ of Twitter.

Spanish version: Adiรณs a Storify.


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