Good Firms conducted a Detailed Survey on Mobile App Development

If you want to build an app like Tinder or Instagram, then you are the right place. The popular B2B research and review company GoodFirms has done detailed research on mobile app development cost and time. We are going to provide you a cost estimation of Mobile App Development. There are so many factors which will be decided when you will estimate an App cost.
How much does an app development cost in 2019?
Mobile Applications are ideas having new thoughts and audience. The mobile app development companies have clients who come with their plan to build an app for them.
Here, we are going to answer some simple Questions on Mobile App Development:
1. How to find the right development partner?
2. How much cost is involved?
3. How much time is needed?
The mobile development companies are rolling the development process in such a way that the Appreneurs get the best product for their startups. The price is based on various factors which are shown here.
1. A highly features rich Apps like Instagram or Uber costs up to $70,000 to $100,000.
2. Medium complexity Apps like Whatsapp or QuizUp costs up to $61,000 to $69,000.
3. User-Friendly featured Apps like Tinder or Periscope costs up to $40,000 to $60,000.
This is a rough estimate which helps the clients to find a rough cost of App development. The survey is going to provide you more details of the same. The complete breakdown of time & cost required to create apps that have similar functionalities to the world’s hottest mobile applications.


Periscope helps to broadcast live video in the world. After going live, your followers will be notified. Here is a breakdown of development cost and time to build an app like Periscope:
Average Cost (in US$) : $55,326.50
Average Time(in months) : 4.12
Survey Participants: 34


Whatsapp is the most popular Mobile messaging app which is available for Android & other smartphones platforms. The development cost and time to build an instant messaging app like WhatsApp are:
Average Cost (in US$): $60,951.00
Average Time(in months) : 4.53
Survey Participants: 35


QuizUp is a free multiplayer game. It helps you to challenge friends and meet new people who share the same interests. To build an app similar to Instagram, the required cost and time are:
Average Cost (in US$) : $59,477.30
Average Time(in months) : 4.55
Survey Participants: 30


Instagram is a very easy to use app that helps you capture the moments of life. Transform your day’s pictures and videos into art. To build an app similar to Instagram, the required cost and time are:
Average Cost (in US$) : $65,916.70
Average Time(in months) : 4.58
Survey Participants: 34


This app helps you to book a taxi in only seconds. The ride varies from low-cost to premium. Here is a breakdown of web development cost and time to build an app like Uber:
Average Cost (in US$) : $81,697.90
Average Time(in months) : 5.39
Survey Participants: 35


Tinder is a popular social dating app which helps you communicate with mutually interested users. Users can chat and fix a date with them. The user’s location is used to start to see the options of date. After the matching user can see the profile matches. Here is a rough estimate of cost and time to build an app like tinder is:
1. Average Cost in US :- $42,072.60
2. Average Time:- 3.69.
3. Survey Participants: 44
The most basic features offered by most mobile applications are listed below.
● Sign Up / Login via social profiles.
● Manage User Preference and discovery.
● Swipe to like or dislike a profile.
● Real-time chat features.
● Notifications and feed.
● Voice calling
Additional / Unique Highlighted Features
Here is a list of new and advanced features that can be added in mobile apps as per the requirements
● Geopositioning
● Voice Chat
● Real Time Chat
● Great UI
● Secured Text Chat
● VoIP Calling Facility
● Better Match Making Algorithm
● Advanced Content Moderation by backing up with a Robust admin panel
● Social Shares
● Navigation to Other Users
● Gamification
● Point System for unpaid users — when they use an app they will get points and can redeem them for 1–2 days
● Free, Paid Memberships
● Location Search
● Multi-Lingual
● Behavior Analysis
● Social Network Integration
● Acquaintance Representation
● GeoTagging
● Gifting Market Place
All these features are commonly used in various applications and should be there in an app. All of these features require a separate cost, which increases the development cost. So, you will be able to know about it during the appidea.
To estimate the exact cost of app development, you need to see your competitor’s app and vet the similarities. The potential investors will see your app idea and the features. The process checks whether the app is working for various upgrades.


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