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God Of War Fan Theories That Might Turn Out To Be True

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When the first gameplay trailer for God Of War dropped in January of 2016, the gaming world went bonkers. The gameplay trailer followed Kratos (who looked insanely different and calmed down from the Kratos we know) testing his son, Atreus’s hunting skills to see if he’s ready for their journey. Now, the journey refers to them finding the highest peak in all the realms. From that peak, they were to fulfill the last wish of Atreus’s late mother, Faye. She wanted her ashes to be spread from the highest peak in all realms.

We got to experience the game after it finally got released in 2018 and Oh Boy! What an amazing game. Really, God Of War perfectly carries forward the legend of Kratos while narrating the complications and strength of the relationship between a father and a son. Well, in this case, a father and a son, who are GODs. While playing God Of War, many players were perplexed about a lot of things such as why and how did Kratos make his way to the Norse lands?

Well, soon enough, these questions were answered by those who completed the game and I must say, most of these answers can potentially be true. In addition to that, there a lot, and I mean a LOT of fan theories out there that might turn out to be true. These fan theories have the potential to answer all of your questions while perplexing you even more at the same time. And the best part is that Cory Barlog, the director and writer of God Of War (if you didn’t already know because you live under a rock), loves to interact with the fans of the series on Twitter.

Now, I would love to share some of my favorite and most interesting fan theories with you and give my opinions on them.

Ragnarok Is Coming (By Reddit User u/Danjamin12)

Yes, and I do believe that this is true. Well, you’ll get the first clue to this if you listen to one of Mimir’s stories where he talks about Fimbulvetr/Fimbulwinter. Fimbulvetr means “Great Winter” and according to Norse Mythology, it is the winter to end all winters, the winter before Ragnarok. Also, we get the second major clue when we talk to Brok and Sindri after completing the main story. Brok talks about an uninterrupted winter that will go on for three years and after that, yes, you guessed it, Ragnarok. In addition to this, if you have good eyesight and the God Of War dynamic theme installed on your PS4, you’ll see some ruins on the side of the boat. If you look closely, they say “RAGNAROK IS COMING”!!!

The Giants Are Just Sleeping In Jotunheim (By Reddit User u/Illusionnist)

Another theory that makes a lot of sense is that the Giants didn’t seem to be defeated in a battle, instead, they seemed to be sleeping as if they were under a spell. Illusionnist brought forward this interesting argument that Faye wanted her ashes to be spread from the highest peak in all the reals (Jotunheim) because her ashes will be responsible to wake the Giants up from their slumber. Now, this makes sense to me because for Ragnarok to happen, the Giants must be there. This theory further confirms the above theory about Ragnarok.

Jörmungandr/The World Serpent Traveled Through Time [By Reddit User u/gamesmoriarty (Account Deleted Now)]

Alright, before getting into this… let’s remember one thing... Atreus is Loki and in Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is Loki’s son. So, a lot of people were very confused when it was revealed that Atreus is Loki. This is because Loki (Atreus) was still a child and there’s no way that Jörmungandr could exist at that time… or is there? Well, there is an answer to this question in the game itself.

Later in the game, it is revealed that the World Tree/Yggdrasill (the tree which holds all the nine realms on its branches) will shatter during Ragnarok and Jörmungandr will be sent back in time. Plus, Mimir says that the serpent just showed up in Midgard one day. This explains why the serpent exists in Midgard at the time when Atreus is still a kid and why Atreus looks familiar to him.

There Will Be Two World Serpents During Ragnarok (By Me)

Do you remember the pictures on the walls in Jotunheim? Well, one of the pictures depicts Atreus holding a dead or unconscious Kratos and releasing something that looks like a “huge snake” out of his mouth. I think that picture depicting the birth of the world serpent during or before Ragnarok (in the next game). This could mean that there will be two world serpents present during Ragnarok, the one who was sent back in time and the one that Atreus/Loki gave birth to in the present.

Also, this could result in Thor’s demise as the present time world serpent will be sent back in time and the one that was stuck in time would kill Thor after he’s distracted. Well, this might be a stretch but it’ll be interesting, to say the least. Whatever the case might be, we all know that Cory Barlog will deliver us with another masterpiece.

Brok And Sindri Will Create A New Weapon For Kratos Or Atreus (By Farore On Twitter)

Farore says that Brok and Sindri created Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer) when they first worked together and then they got separated. They reunited and created the Leviathan Axe and then they got separated again. Well, Kratos and Atreus re-united the two brothers in the game. So, this could very well mean that Kratos or Atreus will yield a new weapon in the next game. While this theory might seem strong, what gives more stregnth to it is the fact that Cory Barlog himself replied to Farore with an embarrassed emoji. This could be considered as a confirmation from the God of ‘God Of War’ *Ba Dum Tsss*.

These were five of the most interesting God Of War fan theories (one by me) that might turn out to be true. While no one exactly knows what will be the story of the next God Of War except Cory Barlog and the development team, it’s exciting to think about these theories coming to life. Well, I would love to know your thoughts about these fan theories and please do share some of your theories and speculations in the comments below. Let’s prepare ourselves for RAGNAROK!!


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