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Goals for 2017

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@ThisIzKPPrasanth Karri

Frontend Developer

I want 2017 to be more organized and goal-oriented. Having a list of tangible goals helps you in assessing how far you’ve made through your goals and act accordingly. By posting it in public, you’ll have an extra motivation to finish the list and meet like minded people who would love to join you in your journey.

I am a FrontEnd developer by profession and I love problem-solving. So, most of my goals would be more inclined towards that.

Let’s Get Started…

  1. Solve 200 Problems from Project Euler
  2. Reach rating of 1700 in CodeForces
  3. Build a Progressive Web App
  4. Build a Layout using different FrontEnd Architectures (Min 3)
  5. Build an App using different FrontEnd Frameworks (Min 3)
  6. Build a FullStack Web Application
  7. Read Open Source Code (Min 1Library/Month)
  8. Contribute to Open Source (Min 1PR/Month)
  9. Read 20 Books
  10. Write 20 Blog Posts
  11. Complete Spanish Course on Duolingo
  12. Start Saving Money (Min 100K) :P — I’m very bad at this, but let’s give it a shot

Actually, I ran out of ideas when I’m trying to list down the goals — 3,4,5. So, I just tried writing some minimum number which could be helpful. I’m may edit those goals, later. If you have any further pointers related to those goals, would be happy to hear about that.

Regarding goals — 7,8 I’m still not sure if I’m aiming for too high or too low. I’m not much into open source so far, so I have no idea. Again, any pointers on that would be amazing.

If you are interested in the above goals, would be so happy to work together with a buddy. Msg, me. If you’re also planning for goals to achieve by the year end, let me know, I can pull in some ideas from yours.

If all goes well, Hope for a lengthy post at the end of year — reviewing the list.


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