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GitPitch Private Git Repo Support — Part 3

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Secure password-protected presentations using private Git repos.

The first two articles in this three-part blog series can be found here on Hackernoon:

This article, the final in this series, explains how you can securely manage private, confidential, and even paid-content by activating password-protection for GitPitch presentations using private Git repositories.

You can get started with private repo support right now, login here.

Granting Password-Only Access

For all of the reasons outlined in the introductory article, presentation authors must explicitly grant access to any GitPitch presentation delivered using private Git repos.

When a presentation author has not explicitly granted access to a presentation within a private Git repo, any attempt to view the presentation content will be denied.

So how can you create and share slideshow presentations that require every user to provide a valid password token before accessing the presentation content?

Simple. Activate GitPitch Pro Confidential Mode.

Activating Confidential Mode

Activation is as simple as adding a confidential property to the PITCHME.yaml for any slideshow presentation within a private Git repository.

The confidential property accepts a comma-separated list of one or more password-tokens. A token can be any arbitrary string value, for example:

confidential : 54321, GitMagic, earlyacce$$

Once Confidential mode is activated, any attempt to access the presentation is intercepted by GitPitch and the user is challenged to provide a valid confidential-token as a password for the presentation.

Token management is as simple as adding and removing tokens on the confidential property in your PITCHME.yaml file. Managing tokens in this way gives you a quick and easy way to grant and revoke access to your presentations over time.

The Confidential Mode User Experience

Rather than describing the Confidential mode user experience in words, here is your chance to experience the workflow firsthand using the following embedded GitPitch presentation:

[ GitPitch Password-Protected Sample Presentation — try 54321 password token. ]

This embedded slideshow is an example of a password-protected GitPitch presentation delivered using a private GitHub repo. When prompted for a password on the challenge form you can use any one of the following tokens to gain access: 54321, GitMagic, or earlyacce$$.

Password Challenge Customization and Branding

As a content creator, your own brand is perhaps your most important calling card. It acts as a powerful visual reminder of the trust you have developed with your audience over time.

So having the ability to put your brand front and center for each and every presentation is important, perhaps even crucial.

For these reasons, the GitPitch confidential mode challenge form can be entirely re-branded to reflect your product, service, or content.

Every aspect of the form: from text, to icons, to colors schemes, and background images can be customized to reflect your brand. The screenshot above demonstrates a number of sample customizations of the form. As a presentation author, whatever brand you can imagine, you can deliver with GitPitch.

To learn more about confidential mode form customization, see the GitPitch Pro Guide here.

The Fastest And Most SECURE Way from Idea to Presentation

This wraps up this three-part blog series that introduces the use of private Git repos to deliver presentation security at the core of the GitPitch service offering.

One of the main goals of the GitPitch Pro release was to add these security extensions to the service without introducing complexity to the overall workflow for presentation authors.

I hope the articles in this series help to demonstrate both the power and simplicity of GitPitch Published, Stealth, and Confidential modes. And remember, you can always check out the GitPitch Pro Guide for detailed documentation for these features.

You can get started with private repo support right now, login here.

GitPitch lets you craft and share beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;)

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