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Getting Started with Vue.js: Why We Love, Support and Use Vue.js Development Services

I had a great conversation with my Boss a few weeks ago about how all of a sudden, a new JavaScript takes place of another JS and business entrepreneurs- prospective clients to us start asking for that specific JavaScript development service. Here, I am talking about Vue.js development services.

My boss educates me with his knowledge that when a major software company releases their secret sauce, it becomes hype and talk of the town. He continues educating that developers have a perspective for themselves, “That company’s developer writes JS differently than me and they are skilled and successful. So, my boss asked me, is there any way of writing JS better than you? And therefore, you should adopt it?”

I said no! He continues informing that their secret sauce may be awesome, but you should not assume their awesomeness just because everyone else gets excited. You shouldn’t copy and paste a code from Stack Overflow, without thoughtful consideration. Hire Vue.js Developer from bacancy technology. our dedicated Vue.js developers follow Agile methodology and cost effective for high quality Vue.js development.

This mindful conversation brings me to the decision to make use of Vue.js at Bacancy Technology.

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Vue, pronounced as “view”, but I would like you to think about it as ‘V’ in an MV* pattern. If I would like to compare it to something else, it’s closest to React. It does not demand to learn JSX or pre-compile files to give it a try. Just drop it into your HTMLs header like you usually do with any other JS library and you’re all set. Templating seems a little bit familiar if you have worked with Angular in the past.

So, let’s have a word about what made Vue.js so striking for us at Bacancy Technology.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Principally, what brings us to Vue.js is that it easily lets us write JavaScript code as Vue.js is extremely easy. The documentation will be only required as a tutorial in case if you will ever need it and the source code is easily readable. Thus, you are not required to have external libraries as you can use it with or without jQuery. And so many plugins are already available, so you won’t need to install any plugins. I along with my mates use Vanilla Vue.js as we can reach for Vue resource whenever required.

In a simple term the code is very straightforward, and its objects are all the way down. One of my mates who has spent a lot of time in Angular tend to not know JavaScript nearly at all. Even when I was using Backbone, I literally forced myself to stay dry, because it’s a blank canvas.

Vue.js does not have made any large assumptions till date, it only assumes your data will change.
Fortunately, Vue.js comes with the perfect balance of what you are required for yourself and what it will do for you. To give you a basic idea of what I am talking about, here’s a simple code. Do have a look.

<div id="app"> <input type="text" v-model="filter"> <ul v-for="person in people | filterBy filter"> <li>{{ person }}</li> </ul> </div>

Source: GitLab

Vue.js + Bacancy= Good code

Vue.js literally solves problem for Bcancyers. Earlier all the JS were written in JQuery. As everyone was okay with that, except it takes a lot more code to solve every problem. But, when we started with Vue.js, we could instantly and consistently solve complex problems in a short time span.

Let me get you through the following simple example to make you understand how Vue simplify our way of thinking and code.

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