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📖 Story
There are so many amazing indie makers all around the world, making fantastic products every day. There is a constant stream of indie makers on Product Hunt & Twitter working on cool and interesting projects every day. It’s a really invigorating and infatuating realization.

When you think about it, it can be hard to imagine how each of these amazing creators are bringing their projects to life. It can be difficult to figure out when they launched their projects. It can also be difficult to find out how their launch went or where in fact they did launch.

In turn, it’s a lot to take in if you want to learn from their launch because you have so much information to scan if you want to find any specific nuggets of information or launch tips.

So where can we see all their launch metrics? And where can we read about their launches? And their journey? Their successes and their failures — down to the very last detail?

Mostly on the makers Twitter account and random Reddit or Hacker News posts.

Until Now!

🤔 Problem
Around the world, makers are releasing products every single day. Product Hunt is evidence of that. There are countless updates happening on Twitter each and every day from many indie makers around the globe telling us about their projects and what feature or part they are currently working on.

But what did it take to release that product? What was learned from the release? And how did the release go? It’s hard to get the entire story in one place!

🛠 Solution
The Maker Launches community is a place where you can read all about maker launches. Find out what motivated the makers to create their product. Find out what features they have built. When and where they launched. You can learn from their release — whether it was a complete success or a total failure! Get tips for your next release.

I’ve always believed that there was something special about creating a product from scratch with your own mind, will and hard work to guide you. We are living in an age where this is possible every day. You can take a project from conception, through to design, on to development, followed up by release and marketing (in no specific order ha!).

There is no holding you back. We are the Da Vinci’s of our time. We have the ability to brainstorm with our friends, family and even complete strangers on various ideas we have. We have all the resources we need to make an idea happen.

One of the core pieces of the puzzle has and always will be the launch of your product. While many may get away with never actually officially launching by staying in a never-ending beta or test phase, the majority of makers need to eventually launch. This can often be a lengthy process and it can difficult to put your finger on what works and what does not.

That is essentially why I created MakerLaunches. I want each and every person interested in creating and launching a product of their own to learn from other launches — both successful and failed so that they may, in turn, enjoy more successful launches for their own creations.

☕️🔥 Features
- Read the stats, stories and launch tips from maker launches all over the world. 
- Upvote ideas or share your own and ask for feedback.
- Find co-founders to embark on new and exciting projects with.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@joeytawadrous) :)

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