Get The Latest Trends on Crypto via Twitter Chatter Analysis by@coinfeeds

Get The Latest Trends on Crypto via Twitter Chatter Analysis

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Coinfeeds brings AI to crypto

Since our last post about Crypto news, Coinfeeds has evolved from a bot on reddit to a crypto news site. Artificial intelligence is used to identify coins mentioned in news headlines and tweets, so that you can see a feed about each specific coin.

This makes me wonder, what are the most talked about coins on Crypto Twitter? So we are publishing this into a daily Twitter chatter page.

Demo for a day

Top coins of the day

Here’s a demo for today, May 19, 2021. Here is the absolute ranking of the most talked about coins today.


Bitcoin is at the top of the list, like most days. Polygon ($MATIC) is number 2 - they are having a great run right now. You can click on the coin and see some of the most popular tweets about it. For Polygon, it is:


Polkadot moved +15 in ranking - they are having an event, Polkadot decoded tomorrow. Sushi and Aave made the top 10 after their recent great performance. Aave yesterday tweeted a preview of Aave for institutions, and moved 40 ranks to #8, and today moved down -2.

Trending coins of the day

It is always interesting to check the coins with very large changes in ranking vs the day before. The coins rising the most in ranking today are:


Huobi moved 108 ranks. They are doing an NFT giveaway with Thundercore, and just listed $RLC

Bancor moved +96 ranks - they are offering liquidity mining for $MATIC with an attractive APR. Here's the tweet:

Weekly Trending Coins

We can also compare a coin's trend with last week's data. Here are the coins rising the most compared to a week ago:


BOSAGORA is doing an event with Binance.

Aavegotchi and Livepeer are listing on Kraken, and Wootrade just supported $NEO.

How is this created?

First we use the Twitter API to listen to over 800 Twitter accounts related to cryptocurrencies. This includes accounts by crypto projects, accounts that belong to crypto teams and founders, and individuals who frequently talk about cryptocurrencies.

Next, we created an AI model that identifies when a tweet is talking about a coin, and then resolves that to a single coin in a knowledge base.

Finally, we aggregate the tweets based on coins mentioned. 

Where can I find the this?

The Twitter chatter page will be hosted here:, and updated daily. Hope you give it a try!


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