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Gearing Up for Marketing Mumbo Jumbo: A New Squeeze Page + Blog!

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@jareJarett Dunn

https://jare.cloud Accelerating as a Service, Dropout Turned #Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate!

Celebrating 20% gains in about a day, we're preparing to launch our first-ever marketing collabroation with the team and friends over at CryptoCatBot where we might even feature in their products section and/or get an email blast - for a marginal trade of referral commission, tbd - stay tuned for our glorious launch celebration in Telegram :)

This site - techvoices.club - features a bare theme that doesn't do anything, pending some kind skin from a friend (CryptoCatBot!).
We'll be adding actually, well-thought squeeze fanciness in the near future, combine it with some a/b testing if we do eventually acquire traffic and - lo and behold! - some organic traffic.
My two HN 2.0 posts on HackerNoon.com are now having canonical link back here, and we'll post the new posts there too.. so we don't ruin SEO :)

Brb while I continue doing man of the house stuff and continue preparing a meal!

As far as the bot itself is concerned, we've seen more promising and consistent results - and a few subscriptions to date! - with using VWAP as opposed to just volume SMA crosses. It looks as though while it may lose a % or two of capital in the short-term, it gains a solid 8-20% every 24 hrs or so and keeps it.

The last blog I kept up-to-date happened to feature our wonderful cats... my gf love cats!

We see, of course, significantly more gains when we use higher leverage or even cross margin, details tbd... at one point I did manage to run my own balance a clear 60% in gains before the bot unfortunately stopped when my local machine went down, lasting 3ish hours before liqudation when BTC dumped a good $180 in 2 minutes.
So, the next steps for dev are to 1. figure out a way to consistently and predictably enter into SL and TP so that it covers at least most of a given amount of risk 2. test more... get more results... 3. Market! That's not dev but kindof is. I need to create a smart contract that receives Eth and divies out amounts for a referrral system...
Thanks for all your time and support! From the depths of market-making high-frequency-trading bots living in the 10 000s %s returns on testnets then failing catastrophically on livenets, we've built something that looks as though might let everyone in the community moon! While it's building itself more and more.


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