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Gate.io Reveals How Its Startup Projects Recorded 45,900% ROI

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Now, during the ongoing bullish dominance in the market, the dynamics of interest in young crypto projects continue to increase.

First, the DeFi boom in the summer of 2020, then the crypto rally, and the heyday of NFT tokens have brought back investor confidence in young blockchain technologies that can achieve goals and provide a good return on investment. And crypto exchanges with platforms for promoting startups play a very important role here.

Statistics from one of the most popular exchanges Gate.io, which developed the Gate Startups fundraising platform, show that proven projects still show hundreds and thousands of percent growth after launching on reputable trading platforms.

According to CryptoRank.io, Gate.io Startup's ROI is ranked 3rd among all centralized exchanges, Gate.io inked an ROI of 6826.06%. The top five also include Binance (1), AccendEX (2) Kucoin (4) and Huobi Global (5).

The projects recently released by Gate.io Startup have a very high rate of return. Among them, the project DAO, which was launched in January and started trading on February 9,  reached a maximum profit of 66 times in just 9 days.

The participation principle was only 0.1 USDT on January 18, and one month later, on February 18, the price of the coin reached 6.69 USDT, a maximum increase of 66 times. 

What support Gate.io Startup get impressive 45,900% ROI

As of July 25, 2020, the highest average earnings rate of all projects is 971.53%, and the current average yield rate 159.98%. These are very high rates that only the best representatives of the industry can boast of.

More importantly, the growth in the cost of projects is associated not only with the crypto rally but also with the scrupulous selection of projects for listing. This is possible thanks to Gate.io's rich experience and keeping innovation all the time.

Gate.io has been around for a long time now. It emerged as a Chinese BTC exchange known as Bter.com, and as such, it is one of the oldest trading platforms in the world. In 2017, the exchange decided to rebrand and start anew, becoming Gate.io.

This was partially 8done due to China’s crypto. These days, it is still one of the largest exchanges, with 3,500 daily BTC volume.

Since 2020, they have adjusted the initial launch strategy of Gate.io Startup. Projects from both the initial sale section or the listing vote section all have brought considerable benefits to users. 

Gate.io Startup not only brings considerable financial support to the projects, but also lays a solid foundation for the projects to launch more platforms.  In order to find more high-quality resources for the platform, they have upgraded the Startup engine to version 2.0 to provide more flexible and diversified services for high-quality projects worldwide, attract more projects to the Gate.io platform, and provide users with more premium projects.

In order to ensure the safety of user assets, in May 2020, Gate.io also established a collateral system to provide 100% collateral for each user. This is the first case in mainstream platforms, and fundamentally eliminates runs and insolvency.  

In order to ensure the reputation of Startup, Gate announced an unprecedented rule: if the project breaks within one year, Gate will redeem the user's currency at 65% of the issue price.

This is the first in the industry, and this kind of bottom-up strategy also allows us to see Gate's determination to be responsible for users.

High-value startups with huge success have a synergistic effect on the GT token — internal platform token like BNB or HT. Demand for the GT token to participate in these historic initial exchange offerings (IEOs) has sent prices skyrocketing as of late.

In 2021 alone, prices have gone roaring more than 700% to more than $4 per GT token. The allure of such a high rate of return and the news of almost 50,000% ROI has the entire crypto world looking for what’s next.

The Startup platform continued to launch high-quality projects and discounted purchases of BTC and ETH. The Startup platform injected new vitality into the IEO method and gradually received verification and recognition from the market and users.

On the other hand, Gate.io exchange platform also gave the high-quality projects of the Gate.io Startup enough market enthusiasm and focus, supplemented by funds and community are gradually forming a positive market cycle.


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