GAME of CYPTOS [Chapter 4] - The Ethereum Kingdomby@Khaleesi
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GAME of CYPTOS [Chapter 4] - The Ethereum Kingdom

by GAME of CRYPTOSNovember 29th, 2019
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It is the year of the lord of 2015: Vitalik Baratheon. Vitalik was born in a small village in the frozen Northern Regions of Fiatland called Kolomna. The House of Etherum was born, and Vitalik is the Commander of the House of the Etherum Kingdom. He started to work on the creation of an open platform for Dev Warriors to build and run Decentralized Kingdoms (DAPPS) In 2014 Vitalik and other Cyberpunk DevWarriors launched an ICO (Idea for a Crypto Offensive) that was a success.

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It is the year of the lord of 2015.

The world is Fiat. 
Fiat is centralized. 
And centralization is Corruption, Deception & Serfdom of the people.
But inch by inch, centralization winter is coming…

“Wealthy societies around the world are facing a growing crisis of confidence in established authorities. Stagnating economies, mounting inequality, political corruption and the increasing monopoly of technology for the benefit of elites have provoked a populist backlash. We share and are driven by these feelings of discontent.” Sir Vitalik Baratheon

The Ethereum Kingdom history starts in a small village in the frozen Northern Regions of Fiatland called Kolomna were Vitalik was born a cold winter day of 1994. Time passed and Vitalik grew to become a smart young man.

His father had become a faithful Bitcoin Warrior not long after release. He presented the wonders of decentralized Kingdoms to young Vitalik, however he showed no interest for those matters and kept enjoying his favorite amusement: World of Warcraft.

One day, after 3 years of Vitalik’s character improvements, World of Warcraft Overlords decided to destroy the power of some game personages, including Vitalik’s .

That inconvenience notably annoyed him — “Bastards!” — he yelled to the computerized contraption.

That way the seed of affection for Decentralization was planted on young Vitalik’s heart.

“ Even laws against cryptography reach only so far as a nation’s border and the arm of its violence. Cryptography will ineluctably spread over the whole globe, and with it the anonymous transactions systems that it makes possible.” Eric Hughes. A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto. 1993

After some time World of Warcraft tantrum passed and Vitalik started to join the Bitcoin community and the Cyberpunk movement.

He established himself in an squatted house on the southern regions of Cryptoland.

“Systems that consider themselves ideological heirs to the Cypherpunk spirit should maintain this basic property, and be much more expensive to destroy or disrupt than they are to use and maintain.” Vitalik

In order to earn a living young Vitalik wrote for a Bitcoin Newspaper in exchange for 3,5 BTC an article ($5 at the time). While writing, learning and thinking he soon realized Cryptoland was able to much more than Currency Kingdoms.

Vitalik started to work on the creation of an open platform for Dev Warriors to build and run Decentralized Kingdoms (DAPPS).

“I shall create a New Global Decentralized CryptoEmpire that secures ownership and transfers value like Bitcoin Kingdom, but also can digitize financial applications. Without Middleman, without central Authority, without need for Trust, and Unstoppable!.” — Said young Vitalik

In that way The House of Ethereum was born, and Sir Vitalik Baratheon was his Commander

But the Ethereum kingdom’s took time to be born. In 2014 Vitalik and other Cyberpunk DevWarriors launched an ICO (Idea for a Crypto Offensive) that was a success. They gathered 18 million Ducats that devoted to achieve Ethereum’s ambitious goals.

Finally, after nearly one year of work, the goal was achieved.

“With this new cryptolanguage called SOLIDITY and the ETHEREUM Blockchain Blacksmith, DevWarriors will be able to build up Powerful CryptoKingdoms and the Ethereum Empire will transfer ALL THE FINANTIAL POWER from Fiatland to Cryptoland.” — Said Sir Vitalik Baratheon

Warriors joined this new army and many DevWarriors started to work on the Ethereum Blacksmith were new and powerful weapons started to be developed.

Some problems afflicted the early endeavors of the Ethereum Kingdom.

One day Ethereum’s Decentralized Armory Oversight (DAO) had a serious Security breach. 3,6 million EtherDucats were stolen from DAO’s coffer.

That brought a heavy debate inside The House of Ethereum: Taking a centralized decision and restore the stolen money or accept the lost?

The House of Ethereum ended up forced to split into two entities, those who wanted the money restored: ETHEREUM KINGDOM, and those who accepted the lost to foster responsibility: ETHEREUM CLASSIC KINGDOM.

Sir Vitalik Baratheon joined The Ethereum Kingdom, and so did most Warriors.

Fiatland Overlords soon noticed the new developments in Cryptoland and started to take advantage of the Ethereum Blacksmith technology and Solidity language for their own Evil Centralized Makings.

However nobody interfered when Banks like J.P.Morgue, Bank of SatanRed or Creepy Suisse arrived to EtherLand and joined Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

That’s because Ethereum weapons work primarily for Decentralized Kingdoms and the utility for Fiatland Lords is limited. They are specialized in domination, submission, fraud and corruption. Not exactly the qualities needed to lead a Criptokingdom that are: Knowledge, Creativity and Ideals.

The only effect of Old Banking institutions entering the Ethereum lands was that more and more warriors arrived and Ethereum Kingdom started to grow larger and larger.


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