GAME of CRYPTOS  [Chapter 5 ] - The Token Apocalypseby@Khaleesi
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GAME of CRYPTOS  [Chapter 5 ] - The Token Apocalypse

by GAME of CRYPTOSNovember 29th, 2019
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Many DevWarriors started to work in building their own CryptoKingdoms with the tools and weapons provided by The House of Ethereum’s Blacksmith. In 2017 it was not Bitcoin but the lead the charge against the Fiatland territories. Many serfs of Fiatland, tired of their poverty wages, soon joined Cryptoland growth and learned to use opensource weapons many Dew Warriors had been developing on the Ethereum Blacksmith: MyEtherWallet, EtherDelta, Gas Limit, ENS… But inch by inch, centralization winter is coming…

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It is the year of the Lord of 2017.

The world is Fiat. 
Fiat is centralized. 
And centralization is Corruption, Deception & Serfdom of the people.
But inch by inch, centralization winter is coming…

In 2016 many DevWarriors started to work in building their own CryptoKingdoms with the tools and weapons provided by The House of Ethereum’s Blacksmith.

In 2017 it was not Bitcoin but Ethereum who lead the charge against the Fiatland territories.
Along with The House of Ethereum many other Lords started to launch their own Idea for a Crypto Offensive (ICO) over the Fiatland territories.

The offensive was in many fronts of decentralization:

  • New Platform Kingdoms.
  • Insurance, Lending and Payment processing territories.
  • Trading, Decentralized exchanges lands.
  • Gaming, Gambling and Prediction market areas
  • Smart contracts and CrytoWallet fields
  • Energy, computation and file storage regions
  • Video and other content monetization platforms.

Many serfs of Fiatland, tired of their poverty wages, soon joined Cryptoland growth and fast learned to use opensource weapons many Dew Warriors had been developing on the Ethereum Blacksmith: MyEtherWallet, EtherDelta , Gas Limit, ENS…

They also had a crash course on ICO’s by the hand of Sir Ian Balina, a self-made Lord who did not have his own ICO Kingdom but owned parts of many other CryptoKingdoms. He grew his wealth fast and showed many Warriors how to join a quality Idea for a Crypto Offensive (ICO).

In the battlefield or in Sir Ian Balina’s barracks new Warriors learned how to analyze a good ICO Team and Whitepaper, good token metrics, good idea, advisers, community…

Many Warriors got very wealthy very fast with the complete success every ICO was having and with the fast growth of every small Kingdom. 

That provoked a Tsunami of new Warriors to arrive to Cryptoland and to join the ranks of different new Cryptokingdoms. The more new Warriors the more powerful Cryptoland was becoming.

Early arriving Warriors made so much wealth that their friends, family and colleagues also joined the party.

Such was the success of the Ethereum ICOs that only The Ethereum Kingdom grew more than 13,000% in 2017.

Experts said: “It is an open network, so there is no ICO in CryptoLand that can be censored. No authority can ban it”. “All expectations are for this sector to grow further in 2018.”

Many newly arrived Warriors (newbies) joined many Ideas for a Crypto Offensive (ICOs) with no knowledge of War and still returned successful landowners with big valuable crypto-bags on their pockets.

“Buy low, sell high”, “The trend is your friend” Newbie Warriors said in the battlefield without too much knowledge of what it really meant. “Oh! This is nothing, just the Optimism Phase, we still have 2 years of growth and adoption in front of us!” they told to each other happily.

Cryptoland ICOs allowed the standard serf of Fiatland to feel like a Lord.

Warrior A: — “Bitcoin has already gone to 16.000, it is impossible to make a fast x4 on it. I prefer to buy cheap undervalued technology.”

Warrior B: — “Me too. I am joining an ICO regarding drones. That one is going to F***** Moon!”

Warrior C: — “Today I’ve received on my ICO tracker a project about AI + Robotics + Blockchain. I am going full on it!”

Warrior A: — “That’s nothing! I am an Early Investor on the Pre-ICO of a decentralized platform that is going to disrupt the payments world. Even Floyd Mayweather is joining in!”

Everything was easy, fast and profitable…

Warrior D: — “Let me check my BLOCKFOLIO.

I have invested in catchy names: REKT, PIGGY, WOW, PIRATE, POT, TRUMP, UFO, BNANA…” .

Marketing Man, Marketing. Catchy names have many more possibilities of getting stick to the brain than other names…

It is just superior marketing! They are gonna F****** blow up!!!”

Warrior B: — “Look and cry! I am already X2 in my Portfolio from October to New Year’s day 2018!!! , My wife is so happy!!!  —  I am going to add to my crypto holdings from our savings.” —

Warrior A: — Do Your Own Research man! That is what I do. Look at this ICO I found: NEUROCHAIN. This one is just a F***** Lambo. Let me read from the web because it is for knowledgeable Devs:

“NeuroChain is powered by an ecosystem of smart, fast, secure Bots that learn, evolve and get smarter. Ultimately, they will autonomously resolve issues and propose solutions. NeuroChain replaces blockchain’s brute Proof of Work and Proof of Stake protocols by a powerful Consensus Based on Involvement. Built upon the logic of the human brain” (sic)

Warrior B: — “ Wow”

Warrior C: — “Wow”

Warrior A: — “Its like a new intelligent bot for an augmented Blockchain with next generation Proof of Involvement ecological protocol…”

Warrior D: — “You know what I say: If it sounds good JUST BUY IT. I think I am selling some of my gains in TRON CLASSIC to buy that one.”

The party was like this day after day. At the end of The Year of the Lord of 2017 the Ethereum Token territories were out of control.

Warrior A: — “Check out my new Babies!:

0XBITCOIN: “The best of BTC and ETH together” (sic)

HERBALIST TOKEN “Global Rare Herbs Market on the Blockchain” (sic)

PARKING GO “Token to meet the demand of parking space on Milan Malpensa Airport” (sic)

SAND COIN “Quality Sand investing in Russia” (sic)

BIBLEPAY “Proof-of-Bible Hash” (sic)

Warrior B: — There is definitely a huge market for that one.

ORMEUS COIN “New Digital money system backed by Industrial Crypto Operations”, “Powered by green energy mining” (sic)

STOREUM “Unleash the power of your store through the Blockchain” “Storeum targeted token price: $100” (sic)

Warrior A: — “ Today’s price is $0,016 for STOREUM TOKEN!!!. I am not going to get greedy, I will sell early at $50. I am happy with a 5000X “

Warrior B: — “F***** cheap! Buy Low sell High!!!

Warrior D: — “ Buy when there is blood on the streets!!!

After all this, 2018 was a bloodbath…



WASSA, WASSA, WASSA, WASSA, WASSAAAP… B***********!!!!!!!!

“A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent ones… It can maintain the illusion of a sustainable business as long as new investors contribute new funds, and as long as most of the investors do not demand full repayment” Wikipedia


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