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Hackernoon logoGAME of CRYPTOS [Chapter 6] — The HEX Kingdom by@Khaleesi

GAME of CRYPTOS [Chapter 6] — The HEX Kingdom

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@KhaleesiGAME of CRYPTOS

The #1 Cryptocurrency Drama Serial

It is the year of the Lord of 2019

The world is Fiat. 
Fiat is centralized. 
And centralization is Corruption, Deception & Serfdom of the people.
But inch by inch, centralization winter is coming…

The HEX Kingdom will be giving FREE land to CryptoWarriors from the 2nd December 2019. It is expected a fast growth to the top 5 Crypto Marketcap

The Head of the House of HEX is Sir Richard Lionheart, a smart and successful individual who grew up joining the files of the House of Bitcoin along with strong warriors the like of Sir Trace Mayer and Sir Antonopoulos.

However he started to grow more and more critic with the way the Bitcoin Kingdom was being ruled. Very much as it happened with Sir Vitalik Baratheon of the House of Ethereum.

The HEX story started one day Sir Richard was in his castle. It was early morning and woke up with a thought bothering his mind: “Grandpa Bitcoin is getting old”, “Many troubles afflict the Bitcoin Kingdom: Forks, Miners dumping, scalability…” He approached the window where the sunrise showed up over the mountains bathing his face with sun rays, then a powerful idea crossed his mind and said to the high mountains of his kingdom: “I shall bring a new Money Game Theory to Cryptoland!!!”.

The House of HEX

It was the beginning of the year 2019, and after deeply meditating on how to create the best Crypto the world has ever seen Sir Lionheart started to forge a new Sword of Power called “Pumpamentals” with the aim of becoming the biggest Kingdom in Cryptoland and overcome Bitcoin dominance.

He said “ I shall cherry pick all the best weapons from Cryptoland and also from Fiatland and make the most powerful CryptoToken the world has ever seen” and “I shall giveth for free to all Bitcoin warriors!”

Some Bitcoin warriors said: “You are creating an unholy Token if you call it BitcoinHEX” “Your crypto is shit!”, and grumpy Lionheart said: “You are all idiots. From now on my crypto shall be called HEX”. And also added: “Dump it!, dump your free HEX to the market if you dare!”

Sir Richard Lionheart’s HEX Kingdom will start its land conquering 2nd December 2019

He has already recruited more than 50,000 warriors on his Twitter and Telegram gathering Squares.

His plan is to airdrop ALL the new HEX token weapons to all Bitcoin warriors for FREE.

Sir Lionheart claims: “HEX is the First high interest Savings Account on the Blockchain!”

“No ICO, no scam, no promises, no whitepaper project… Just a working token created to Pump from the beginning”

As Sir Richard Heart says: “Bitcoin warriors that join me are going to become very Wealthy”.

He is also getting ready an army of Ethereum warriors as he plans to make a pool to easy exchange ETH for HEX and get great rewards by doing so. He calls it ADOPTION AMPLIFIER.

HEX is also created to avoid the SEC wolves completely as it does not meet any criteria to be considered a financial product.

The HEX Kingdom will be giving FREE land to Crypto Warriors from the 2nd December 2019. It is expected a fast growth to the top 5 Crypto Marketcap.

Sir Richard is getting ready his forces by giving the following armour:

- 10.000 HEX for 1 BTC for FREE. Get them here

- Up to 300% interest in bonuses if you join early the army and lock your HEX at least the first 50 weeks. Bonuses and penalties info

- The best Crypto Income Producing asset. Check out video

- Safe Haven crypto designed for HODLERS and INVESTORS looking for a crypto diversified portfolio.

You can easily join the ranks of the HEX Army. It is free if you have Bitcoin and cheap on the Adoption Amplifier, but do it EARLY!

Sir Richard plans to power up HEX Kingdom by creating market SCARCITY:

- 90% HEX tokens locked for 50 weeks when free claiming.

- Up to 75% penalty (less coins) for big Bitcoin Lords so big wallets CAN NOT DUMP on the market.

- No Segwit wallet claim. Many Exchange Lords won’t be able to get and dump the coin on the Market

- Most coins will be LOCKED UP as there are huge bonuses for early stakers.



Because it only needs 2 transactions (Stak / Unstak) over long time periods. Today’s blockchain capabilities are more than enough to work perfectly.


HEX can not be destroyed. It is an IMMUTABLE and DECENTRALIZED mathematical code liberated on the internet. Its reliability comes from sitting over the Ethereum network but it can run on any other.


Opposite to Bitcoin, HEX has been created from the bottom up for the UNIQUE PURPOSE of WEALTH STORAGE AND GROWTH.
Check out Facts


It has MANY BONUSES to increase income. The LONGER and the EARLIER you STAKE your HEX the higher the profits. Check all BONUSES and PENATIES here.

You can easily join the ranks of the HEX Army. It is free if you have Bitcoin and cheap on the Adoption Amplifier, but do it EARLY as it will be more difficult to get.

The HEX Kingdom plans to expand to the Fiat Territories by becoming the First Savings Account on the Blockchain. Aiming to eat away 25% of the World’s Banking business.

HEX Kingdom will start its land conquering December 2nd 2019.

Get your free HEX weapons as soon as possible, you loose 2% HEX every week you don’t claim.


> > > > > > > > CLAIM YOUR FREE HEX INFO



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The #1 Cryptocurrency Drama Serial

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Chapter 2 — The Bitcoin Kingdom

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Chapter 5 — Ethereum Kingdom and the token Apocalypse

Chapter 6 — The HEX Kingdom

Chapter 7 — Merlin’s Crystal Ball


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