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Hackernoon logoFrom Crypto-Exchanges to Casinos, Find Everything Related To Crypto, on Bitpr0 by@bitpr0

From Crypto-Exchanges to Casinos, Find Everything Related To Crypto, on Bitpr0

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The Only Crypto Resource You’ll Ever Need

Let’s face it. The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry still remains a niche that few people understand. Part of this is owed to the sheer amount of information to sift through, which can be a timesink that many otherwise enthusiastic investors would rather avoid. 

Not only this, although the number of opportunities in the cryptocurrency space has never been greater, keeping up with arguably the most rapidly evolving industry can be a challenge for even the most determined of individuals, which can make for missed experiences, lost opportunities, and the feeling of being left out of the loop.

These issues are exactly what Bitpr0 set out to solve once and for all with its painstakingly collected and sorted reservoir of well over 400 different popular cryptocurrency websites. We designed Bitpr0 to act as an A-to-Z for the cryptocurrency industry, helping complete beginners make sense of things, while providing something for everyone. 

If you’ve ever struggled to find a suitable cryptocurrency exchange, casino, shop, or anything else crypto, then bookmark Bitpr0 now—as you never know when you might need it next.

Making Cryptocurrency Trading Accessible

In just over a decade, the cryptocurrency trading industry has exploded with innovation, bringing with it a huge range of exchange and trading platforms, ranging from simple brokers, to spot exchanges and advanced derivatives trading platforms. 

On top of this, the cryptocurrency trading industry is becoming increasingly popular among both casual investors and experienced traders, due to the potential profitability of the practice. After all, the average cryptocurrency has gained more than 70% since the start of the year—by far outstripping major stocks and forex.

But given that there are now literally hundreds of cryptocurrency trading platforms, it can be a struggle to find the right one for you. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered at Bitpr0 with our extensive list of pre-vetted cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms already categorized by their main features. 

For more experienced traders, Bitpr0 also acts as an impressive resource for automated trading bots like CryptoHopper and DeepTradeBot—which allow you to identify and execute profitable trades based on your chosen trading strategy automatically. These make algorithmic and high-frequency trading accessible to all, but are best wielded by knowledgeable traders. 

On top of this, we have our own crypto ticker service, helping you stay on top of the latest news and keep tabs on the most popular cryptocurrencies at a glance. A simple run down of recent price changes can be found at the top of each page, or more a more detailed breakdown can be found in the Crypto Ticker section of our site.

Demystifying Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

If you have been involved in the cryptocurrency industry to any major degree in the last few months, then you will have almost certainly come across the term “decentralized finance” or simply “DeFi”. This field is essentially the blockchain-based tools, protocols, and products that offer an open alternative to traditional banks and payment processors. 

Though relatively new, the DeFi industry has exploded in diversity in the last few years, producing a variety of open-source borrowing and lending platforms, staking platforms, decentralized exchanges, and a whole concoction of other tools and interfaces that restore power to the user and reduce reliance on traditional financial infrastructure. 

To help make this more manageable, we have chunked the DeFi industry down into a handful of categories that make it easier to get to grips with. Most people tend to get started in DeFi by using decentralized borrowing and lending platforms like Aave and Compound since they can unlock trapped capital and generate a significant yield for lenders. 

But more complicated protocols like Yearn.Finance and Uniswap can also generate lucrative returns, but are somewhat more difficult to get to grips with. We recommend sticking with the basics until you’re somewhat familiar with DeFi protocols, just to be safe. 

Spending Crypto Just Got Easier

Just like regular currencies, cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for goods and services at a huge number of both physical and online stores. However, finding a place that offers the products you’re looking for can be a daunting task—simply due to the fact that Google and most other search engines struggle to rank merchants and outlets that accept crypto payments.

As a result, there is a strong misconception that few places actually take cryptocurrency payments. Fortunately, we help lay this misconception to rest by covering some of the most popular online stores that accept cryptocurrency payments, including a variety of electronics stores, gift card marketplaces, and even precious metal retailers. 

If you’re a fan of video games, or enjoy the thrill of a wager, you’ll be glad to find that we have covered an assortment of the most popular crypto game DApps and casinos too. These include full-on massively multiplayer games like Prospectors and Drugwars, as well as a huge variety of collectible asset and trading card games. Many of these have a gambling element to them, where you can win actual money, but for those that want to really raise the stakes higher Bitpr0 also lists every major crypto casino under the sun, including well over a dozen dice sites, several PvP and poker sites, and ten of the best sportsbooks around—and counting!  

The Ultimate Resource for Passive Income Streams

As more people than ever before look to achieve financial freedom through passive income streams, cryptocurrency users have long been ahead of the curve. 

Not only is there a huge variety of passive or semi-passive earning opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency, but they also tend to pay out in the most profitable asset type there is—digital currencies. Ranging from cryptocurrency faucets, to revenue sharing internet browsers, pay to click sites, cloud mining, and more, it's now a simple task to supplement your income with crypto payouts.  

Although many of these opportunities don’t pay huge amounts, it’s important to consider the long term potential of cryptocurrency, and their historic profitability. After all, had you earned $50/week in Bitcoin completely passive through 2016, and held until today, that sum would now be worth more than $40,000. Odds are, we could say the same thing in 2024.

Like everything else on our site, we update Bitpr0’s list of freebies and passive income opportunities regularly, ensuring even the most ardent cryptocurrency enthusiasts always have something new to explore.

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