#FoundersConnect: Jude Dike, CoFounder and CEO of GetEquityby@peaceitimi
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#FoundersConnect: Jude Dike, CoFounder and CEO of GetEquity

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Conversation with Jude Dike, co-Founder of GetEquity, a company democratizing access to startup investment in Africa.

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Jude Dike has gained so much experience as an engineer, programming professionally for 6 years. He has an Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and has worked on many projects with companies locally and internationally revolving around Tech and Finance.

He is the co-founder of GetEquity, a company democratizing access to Startup funding and investment, and encouraging startup founders and customers to connect, thereby building trust among them. The mantra of the company is “challenging the status quo of startup financing and venture capital” in Africa.

In this Founders Connect interview, Jude shares more on this with me. We also briefly speak about his background, his career trajectory, the future of GetEquity, lessons learned so far and a lot more!

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Video timestamps

0:00 - Introduction
- How has the event been?

1:37 - Childhood, Background

3:44 - White and Black Hacking

8:16 - UNILAG

9:46 - Getting first job after studying Computer Science

15:06 - Having worked in many places, what have been the key milestones and things that have made a difference in the engineer/founder you are?

17:55 - Working at Concourse as an Engineer

19:21 - How did GetEquity come about?

27:10 - What does GetEquity do?

31:00 - The Consumer angle

32:32 - What has been the traction so far?

36:06 - What has been the biggest lesson so far?

37:46 - Is there anything you would have done differently?

41:52 - Question you would have wanted me to answer? (How to register on GetEquity).

44:24 - How do you get more people to invested in your company?

46:23 - How do you reach the mass market?

47:52 - WeFunder