#FoundersConnect: Douglas Kendyson of Selar on Hitting Huge Revenue Milestonesby@peaceitimi
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#FoundersConnect: Douglas Kendyson of Selar on Hitting Huge Revenue Milestones

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Peace sits with Douglas Kendyson, CEO and founder of Selar for a fun and elucidating interview on his journey and his company.

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Douglas Kendyson is a software engineer with a lot of experience in the fintech & payments space. He has worked for the top YCombinator backed payment startups in Africa (Flutterwave & Paystack), as well as a Robo-advisory firm in the UAE (Sarwa) and Dapi, building the payment infrastructure for the Middle East.

Douglas is also the Founder and CEO of Selar, an eCommerce tool creatives & entrepreneurs use to sell their content, products and services across borders without any hassle. Selar has over 15,000 registered users today.

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Video timestamps

0:59 Douglas shares his life outside LinkedIn and Selar, and work background

7:19 Douglas shares his experience in UAE

8:48 At what point in between your career at Flutterwave, UAE and Paystack did Selar start?

9:53 How many of you started the company?

10:20 What were the things that made you stay with Selar when every other person left?

11:12 How did you ascertain that Selar is a good idea that you'd like to push?

12:20 Douglas shares more about the huge milestone that Seller had in revenue.

14:07 How much has Sellar grown since the beginning of 2020?

16:27 Are you now doing Selar full time?

17:29 What has been the biggest challenge of building Selar up to this point?

19:25 How do you spend a few weeks every week to work for people and still build your thing?

21:14 What's your favourite thing about building Selar?

22:24 What kind of people use Selar?

23:44 What's the most pivotal personal experience you've had?

28:03 When and how did you make your first million?

29:44 What's the next thing for Selar?

31:26 What's the most important and biggest business lesson you've learned in your 5 years of business experience?

33:34 If you had an opportunity to build Selar all over again, would you change anything in the process?

35:30Douglas pitches Selar