Founders at Work: 150+ YCombinator Founders’ Storiesby@alexstacenko
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Founders at Work: 150+ YCombinator Founders’ Stories

by Alex StacenkoDecember 22nd, 2021
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Jessica Livingston's book "Founders at work" (2007, 32 stories) inspired thousands of founders to start their startups. She has put in one place [150+ founders stories] to inspire a new wave of founders. She hopes the site saves 50-100 hours for 1000+ new founders. Everyone can contribute to the site to share their own founder's story with us at The Social Radar: What I Did at Y Combinator (S05)

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Jessica Livingston's book "Founders at work" (2007, 32 stories) inspired thousands of founders to start their startups.

I find and put in one place 150+ founders stories to inspire new wave of founders. (+pitchdecs, 1-minute videos, demo day videos, applications, and “early workplaces”). And I am finding every day more and more stories! Sometimes I think that stories find me. Today it is impossible to write and publish material book about YC founders, let it be a digital, neverending book, that writes itself.

It was an amazing journey, it changed my mindset. I rushed into unknown unknowns, where angels fear to tread... and I want to share this with everyone.

I hope, that saves 50-100 hours for 1000+ new founders. It is my "embarrassing MVP" I continue to work on, and I need your feedback.

Everyone can contribute founder's story!


Y Combinator (S05)

Kiko (S05)

  • How My First Startup Got Picked For Y Combinator (video, 2021)
  • Shitty First Startups (video, 2015)
  • I Almost Sold To Yahoo For $1,000,000 At 22 (video, 2021)
  • I Sold My Startup On Ebay For $258,100 (video, 2021)

Reddit (S05)


Wofoo (W06)

  • Interview with Jessica Livingston (video, 2010)
  • Wufoo Sold For $35 Mil. Here's The Story Behind Its Success. (textvideo, 2011)
  • How to Design Software Users Love (video, 2012)
  • Interview with Kevin Hale (video, 2014)
  • How to Build Products Users Love (video, 2014)
  • How to solve cofounder problems? (video, 2016)
  • How to Work Together (video, 2019)
  • Motivating Employees Without Fear (text)

Scribd (S06)

  • How Tikhon Got into Y Combinator Twice (video, 2016)
  • The Challenges a Repeat Founder Faces (video, 2017)

2007 (W07)

  • The story of a serial entrepreneur (video, 2012)
  • The Value of Terrible Ideas (video, 2014)
  • Justin Kan's Story (video, 2021)
  • Yale Program on Entrepreneurship (video, 2015)
  • Justin Kan made $1B from Twitch by Live Streaming his Life (video, 2021)
  • How Twitch Reached $1,000,000/Month in Revenue (video, 2021)
  • How We Chose The Name Twitch (video, 2021)
  • How we ALMOST sold Twitch to Google for $1 BILLION (video, 2021)
  • Selling Twitch to Amazon...the real story (video, 2021)
  • What Did I Spend My Money On After Selling Twitch and Investing (video, 2021)
  • Do I regret selling Twitch? (video, 2021)

Weebly (W07)

  • Interview with Jessica Livingston (video, 2010)
  • How To Find Product Market Fit (video, 2018)

Disqus (S07)

  • Interview with Disqus - Part 1 (video, 2008)
  • Interview with Disqus - Part 2: The Y Combinator Experience (video, 2008)
  • Why Disqus Founder Daniel Ha Chose Name First, Idea Later (text, 2011)
  • Daniel Ha Founder of Disqus (video, 2011)
  • 9 lessons on the path to reaching a billion readers (text, 2014)
  • How 2 Students Grew Their Startup Idea Into an 8-Figure Business (audio, 2016)
  • Q&A With Disqus Founder Daniel Ha: 'We Weren't a Rocket-Like Startup' (text, 2017)
  • How Commenting App Disqus Makes $20m+ Annually (audio, 2018)

Dropbox (S07)


Snaptalent (W08)

  • So, you got a Y Combinator interview, now what? (text, 2009)

Trigger (W08)

  • Mental model for product management: a way to classify features (text, 2014)

Posterous (S08)

  • Interview with Jessica Livingston (video, 2010)
  • Design for Startups by Garry Tan (video, 2018)
  • Applying to Y Combinator? 3 tips from a former YC partner (video, 2019)
  • 3 Tips to Nail the Y Combinator Interview (video, 2019)
  • My $200 million startup mistake: Peter Thiel asked and I said no (video, 2019)
  • How I got into Y Combinator (video, 2020)
  • Co-Founder Conflict & Why I Quit my Startup (video, 2021)


AirBnB (W09)

  • Interview with Jessica Livingston (video, 2010)
  • Brian Chesky - Startup School 2010 (video)
  • Airbnb's Surprising Path to Y Combinator (text, 2017)
  • An Unbelievable Journey (text, 2017)

Mixpanel (S09)

Stripe (S09)

  • Running Your Company by Patrick Collison (video, 2018)


Creative Market (W10)

  • The Pre-launch Strategy That Got 70,000 Users In 9 Months for Creative Market (audio, 2015)
  • How To Make Your YC Application Stand Out (text, 2016)
  • Advice for New Managers (text, 2016)
  • Launching Creative Market: Our Playbook for Kickstarting a Marketplace (text, 2017)
  • Creative Market's Core Values, and the "3 Shits" That Shape Our Culture (text, 2018)
  • What Happens When You Stop Second Guessing & Trust Your Instincts (audio)
  • 7 Proven Strategies for Launching an Online Marketplace (audio)
  • YC SUS: Aaron Epstein and Eric Migicovsky give website feedback (video, 2020)

Seeing Interactive/OwnLocal (W10)

Rapportive (S10)

  • Having a launched product is hard (text, 2010)
  • What's so special about Y Combinator? (text, 2011)
  • My FounderLY interview (video1video2text, 2011)

Opzi (S10)

  • Euwyn, Ruby, and Ramen (text, 2011)
  • What I Learned From My Y Combinator Experience (text, 2018)

Crowdbooster (S10)

  • Y Combinator is over, now what? (text, 2010)
  • Crowdbooster boosts effective social media to new levels (text, 2011)
  • Privilege and inequality in Silicon Valley (text, 2016)
  • Should you apply to YC? YES, but here's one reason why you shouldn't (text, 2011)

Fanvibe (S10)

  • Y Combinator Experience (text, 2010)


Vidyard (S11)

  • Vidyard: How a YC startup is using YouTube to sell its own video hosting solution (text, 2011)

  • How One Founder's Wedding Day Call Led To Millions In Funding From A Top VC (text, 2015)

  • May the $35M be with you, says Battery Ventures to Vidyard in Series C funding (text, 2016)

  • Vidyard's Michael Litt on Building a Startup Ecosystem in Waterloo (text, 2018)

  • From Selling Firecrackers To Landing $70 Million For His Canadian Startup (audio, text, 2018)

  • "Imposter Syndrome Is Real And Nothing To Be Ashamed Of" (text, 2018)

  • Processes Before Velocity: Why Your 100th Employee Will Change Your Company (audio, text, 2020)

  • History

Segment (S11)

  • Success Without A Diploma: How 3 MIT Dropouts Made It Big (text, 2017)
  • From Show HN to Series D (text, 2019)
  • PMF (twitt, 2019)
  • How MIT college kids founded multibillion-dollar company Segment (text, 2020)
  • May 5, 2011 to Oct 12, 2020 — 9 years, 5 months to build a $3.2B SaaS company (twitt, 2020)

Parse (S11)

  • How Tikhon Got into Y Combinator Twice (video, 2016)
  • The Challenges a Repeat Founder Faces (video, 2017)


Muse (W12)

PlanGrid (W12)

  • Founder Stories: Tracy Young of PlanGrid (YC W12) (text, 2014)
  • Tracy Young on Scaling PlanGrid to 400+ People (textvideo, 2019)

CoinBase (S12)

Mattermost (S12)

  • Redpoint Founders Series: Ian Tien, Mattermost (video, 2020)
  • Mattermost's Journey (text, 2021)
  • The Mattermost Origin Story (text, 2021)

Referly/Mattermark (S12)

  • Time to Say Goodbye Seattle, Hello San Francisco (text, 2010)
  • Timeline: Starting Referly Took Me Three Years (text, 2012)
  • Thoughts On YC Interview Prep (text, 2013)
  • Zombie Startups (text, 2013)
  • Is My Startup Burn Rate Normal? (text, 2014)
  • Are you Managing the Signals Your Startup is Sending? (text, 2014)
  • Female Founder Stories: Danielle Morrill, Founder of Mattermark (text, 2015)
  • For Seed Stage Startups, It's Hire or Die (text, 2015)
  • The Creative Destruction of Building and Growing a Career (audio, 2016)
  • Danielle Morrill's guide to the galaxy (text, 2016)
  • How Mattermark Acquired Early Users (video, 2016)
  • Insights From A YC Alum On How To Prepare For The Y Combinator Interview (text, 2017)
  • Mattermark YC Application

Soylent (S12)

  • How to Make Good Decisions (according to science) ft. @John Coogan (video, 2021)
  • 9 Y Combinator Secrets To Grow Your Business (video, 2021)
  • How This Tweet Got Me $2 MILLION For My Startup (video, 2021)
  • Y Combinator | How I Got In - TWICE! | 2021 Application & Interview Process Explained (video, 2021)

Eligible (S12)

  • To get something great, you must risk something good (text, 2014)
  • Almost dead (text, 2015)
  • Why one of the only women to go through Y Combinator twice moved her company to NYC (text, 2017)
  • How I Risked Everything To Build A $20M Company In 3 Years (text, 2018)
  • Eligible Sales Plan & Compensation Letter (text, 2018)
  • My Journey from Struggling Actress to Successful Tech CEO (text, 2019)
  • Interview with Katelyn Gleason — CEO and Founder of Eligible (text, 2019)
  • Why I started a company to feel less lonely in the world (text, 2019)
  • Brave not perfect (text, 2019)
  • Female Founder Stories: Katelyn Gleason, Founder of Eligible (text)
  • YCombinator S12 Demo Day (video, 2012)


InfluxData (W13)

  • My Journey to InfluxData (text, 2016)
  • Journey to CEO, again (audiotext, 2021)

Prizeo (W13)

  • Y Combinator Lessons Learnt by Andrej Pancik (video, 2013)
  • Represent Stories — Andrej Pančík (text, 2016)

Strikingly (W13)

  • How A YCombinator Startup Is Born: The Story Of Strikingly (text, 2013)
  • How to get into Y Combinator –- the No BS Approach (text, 2016)
  • Strikingly – Out of Failure, a Star is Born (text, 2016)

Zenefits (W13)

  • How a series of humiliating events led to one of the fastest-growing startups EVER (text, 2015)
  • Zenefits Was the Perfect Startup. Then It Self-Disrupted (text, 2016)
  • How to Raise Money with Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, and Parker Conrad (video, 2017)
  • How to Build Multi-Million Dollar Companies (text, video, 2017)
  • Parker Conrad's hard-won billion dollar startup lessons (text, video, video2, 2020)
  • The Comeback Of A Fallen Tech Unicorn CEO (text, 2020)
  • The One Thing Everyone Knows About Building a Startup is Wrong with Parker Conrad (Rippling) (video, 2021)
  • Parker Conrad: 'I like working with people who have a chip on their shoulder' (text, 2021)

Watsi (W13)

  • The Story Behind the Launch of Crowdfunding for Operations Startup Watsi (video, 2015)

    Q&A with Watsi (video, 2015)

  • How Watsi is Crowdfunding Universal Healthcare By Personalizing Human Connections (video, 2015)

  • Grace Garey Speaks at Female Founders Conference (video, 2015)

  • Founder Stories: Grace Garey (text)

  • Ways we work (text)

  • Hack to start (audio, 2015)

  • The technology of transparency (text, 2015)

  • If fundraising is broken, fix it! How Watsi became the first Y Combinator non-profit (text, 2015)

  • What Startups Can Learn from Watsi's Wildly Successful Email Campaign (text)

Lollipuff (W13)

DoorDash (S13)

URX (S13)

  • 1 year, 11 months at Google University (text, 2013)
  • People and Pine Cones- URX's Y Combinator Story (text, 2013)
  • 7 lessons learned growing from 4 to 20 people (text, 2015)
  • Good Idea, Bad Startup (video, 2015)
  • How to ace your YC interview (text, 2016)
  • My biggest product strategy lesson learned from operating and selling URX (YC S13) (text, 2017)
  • How startups can avoid flawed decision making (text, 2021)
  • 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company (text, 2021)

Standard Treasury (S13)

  • Getting in to YC (text, 2013)
  • Advice on the YC Application (text, 2013)
  • A (Successful) YC S13 Application (text, 2013)
  • Building A Founding Team at Standard Treasury (text, 2013)
  • Five Lessons from Building A Great Core Team at Standard Treasury (text, 2013)
  • Going Through Y Combinator (S13): Nine Lessons Learned (text, 2013)
  • Standard Treasury's Series A Pitch Deck (text, 2015)
  • Founders and Mental Health (text, 2014)
  • Mental Health, Trauma, and Startup Founders (text, 2014)
  • My Mental Health Story: Depression, Plagiarism, and Analysis (text, 2014)

Watchsend (S13)

  • How I learned to code (text, 2013)
  • Y Combinator applicant advice (text, 2013)
  • Insights from 6 hours of YC Mock Interviews (text, 2013)

Asseta (S13)

  • What to Do If You Don't Have a Technical Cofounder (text, 2020)

  • Advice for My Son (text, 2020)

  • 32 Questions Founders Should Ask Investors (text, 2020)

  • Should You Quit Your Job and Start a Company? (text, 2020)

  • What's the Tempo of Your Start-up? (text, 2020)

  • Team Spotlight: Anton Brevde (text, 2020)

  • When to Hire a Chief of Staff? (text, 2020)

  • The Expert Problem (text, 2020)

  • Conquering Imposter Syndrome (text, 2020)

  • Move Fast and Don't Break Things (text, 2020)

  • High Expectations vs. Happiness (text, 2021)

  • Asseta Y Combinator Demo Day

One Month (S13)

  • How a Non-technical Solo Founder Got Into Y Combinator (text, 2013)
  • What is Y Combinator Like? (text, 2014)
  • Y Combinator and The One Metric that Matters (textvideo, 2014)
  • How to get a busy person to respond to your email (text, 2014)
  • How to get into Y Combinator (text, 2015)
  • One Month's Y Combinator Application (text, 2013)

WebFlow (S13)

  • How Webflow got into Y Combinator (text, 2015)
  • From freelancer to founder: an interview with Webflow's CEO Vlad Magdalin (video, 2019)
  • Grew no-code startup to $20M in rev, pioneering Pegasus movement (video, 2019)
  • Founder Interview (video, 2020)
  • The Future is No-Code (video, 2020)
  • How Webflow went from almost bankrupt to building a no-code empire (text, 2020)
  • Building an Enduring Company, One Hard Lesson at a Time (video, 2021)
  • Quarterly community update and live Q&A with Vlad: Q3 2021 (video, 2021)


Emailio (W14)

  • Emailio, A Y Combinator Productivity Startup, Fixes Your Bad Email Habits (text, 2020)
  • The Story of Martin Stoyanov -a Y Combinator Participant with a Mission to Disrupt the Way we Use Email (text, 2020)

Zinc (W14)

  • How I "failed" at a YC startup, worked at early Stripe, and then raised $20M (text, 2021)

SketchDeck (W14)

  • A company is just a belief engine (text, 2014)
  • Advice for first-time founders (text, 2015)
  • How to brand your startup (text, 2015)
  • The Art of Shipping Early and Often (text, 2016)
  • Managing your cofounder relationship for the long run (text, 2016)
  • Letting your engineers choose what to build (text, 2017)
  • What I wish I knew when I became CTO (text, 2018)
  • Growth almost killed our company (text, 2019)
  • SketchDeck CMO David Mack: Giving Feedback; How To Be Honest Without Being Hurtful (text, 2020)
  • SketchDeck's Y Combinator W14 application

Clear (W14)

  • How Delhi-Based Startup ClearTax Made It to Y Combinator (text, 2014)
  • Here's why Indian startups must apply to Y Combinator (text, 2015)
  • Archit Gupta of ClearTax On Cracking YCombinator (video, 2016)
  • How ClearTax's Archit Gupta Found Mentors In Y Combinator And Paytm Founder (text, 2016)
  • Y Combinator is like a B-school that helps develop a global peer network, says alumnus Archit Gupta (text, 2016)
  • The first India-focused startup in Y Combinator, this dropout's venture files 3 per cent of India's tax today (text, 2016) email [email protected])
  • From 1K Customers In First 11 Days To 1 Mn Today: ClearTax's Journey Post The YCombinator Stamp Of Approval (text, 2016)

Cruise (W14)

  • The Story of Cruise (YC W14): How 4 people built a self driving car in 7 months. (text, 2014)
  • Life Tips from Kyle Vogt of Cruise at Disrupt SF (video, 2016)
  • The Startup That Could Help GM Beat Google to the Self-Driving Car (text, 2016)
  • Kyle Vogt: Cruise Automation | Lex Fridman Podcast #14 (videotext, 2019)
  • Y Combinator Application

Rickshaw (W14)

  • Female Founder Stories: Divya Bhat, Founder of Rickshaw (YC W14) (text, 2015)

ProductHunt (S14)

  • A Hopeful Applicant's Y Combinator Experience (text, 2011)
  • Product Hunt Began as an Email List (text, 2013)
  • The 20-Minute MVP (text, 2014)
  • YC + PH (text, 2014)
  • Making Product Hunt (text, 2014)
  • How We Got Our First 2,000 Users Doing Things That Don't Scale (text, 2014)
  • 3 Pieces of Advice for YC Applicants (text, 2014)
  • "Should I apply to YC?" (text, 2014)
  • How To Build World's #1 Product Launch Platform with a Globally Distributed Team: An Interview With the Founder of Product Hunt (text, 2018)
  • 5 Years of Product Hunt (text, 2018)
  • How we made our first dollar at Product Hunt (text, 2018)
  • Ryan Hoover on Product Hunt's Acquisition and Lessons Learned About Launches with Dalton Caldwell (video, 2019)
  • Ryan Hoover on Startups, Success and Staying Curious (text, 2020)

Ginkgo Bioworks (S14)

Snappr (S14)

Front (S14)

  • A month at Y Combinator: What it's like after you've been accepted (text, 2014)
  • Mathilde Collin, Front — Founder Story (text, 2018)
  • Mathilde Collin on Feature Prioritization and Employee Retention at Front (video, 2018)
  • After PMF: People, Customers, Sales by Mathilde Collin (video, 2018)
  • Take a look into Front's Journey to get into Y Combinator (text, 2020)

Tinker (S14)

  • A simple method to prepare for an interview at YCombinator (text, 2017)
  • A Simple Method to Prepare for an Interview at YCombinator — Updated 2020 (text, 2020)

Aptible (S14)

  • How to Get Into Y Combinator (text, 2014)

Zen99 (S14)

  • Why You Should Apply to Y Combinator (text, 2015)
  • How to Prepare for the Y Combinator Interview (text, 2015)

Shout (S14)

  • Our Journey To and Through YC (text, 2014)


Staffjoy (YCF 15)

HigherMe (W15)

  • "Hi! My name is Rob, and I used to own 7 ice cream stores." (text, 2015)
  • Almost Inconceivable: Startups, Planning, Long Odds, and Babies (text, 2017)
  • Don't Burn Money Linearly (text, 2018)
  • Lessons learned through raising $1,000,000 from angel investors (text, 2018)
  • Your chances of getting into Y Combinator are not 1 in 100 (text, 2018)
  • From Ice Cream to Y Combinator: An Interview With Rob Hunter (text, 2020)

Gradberry/Tara AI (W15)

  • From Dubai to Buffalo: The journey of Iba Masood (text, 2018)
  • Raising a Series A as a Female Founder (video, 2019)
  • A framework on how to find the force multiplier co-founder (text, 2019)
  • How to setup company culture and core values at your early-stage startup (text, 2020)

Cleanly (W15)

  • Itay Forer of Cleanly shares his Y Combinator Journey (text, 2021)

Flip (W15)

Gitlab (W15)

  • GitLab from YC to IPO (text, 2021)
  • Our Y Combinator experience (text, 2016)
  • What Founders Ask Founders About Getting Into Y Combinator (text, 2016)
  • Gitlab's Secret to Managing 160 Employees in 160 Locations (video, 2017)
  • GitLab's Application for Y Combinator Winter 2015 (text, 2016)
  • GitLab Y Combinator Demo Day Winter 2015 (video)
  • GitLab Y Combinator Alumni Demo Day Winter 2015 (video)
  • Gitlab history (text)

Replika (W15)

  • Friendship with an AI Companion | Lex Fridman Podcast #121 (video, 2020)
  • Speak, Memory (text, 2016)

80 000 hours (S15)

  • What's it like being a nonprofit in Y Combinator? (text, 2015)
  • How can founders improve their social skills? (text, 2017)
  • A Guide to Machine Learning PhDs (text, 2017)
  • Application

New Story (S15)

  • How New Story Got Into Y Combinator (text, 2015)
  • What's It Like Being a NonProfit in Y Combinator? Five Questions with New Story CEO Brett Hagler (text, 2015)
  • 3D Home Printing for the Developing World – Alexandria Lafci and Brett Hagler of New Story Charity (video, 2018)
  • New Story YC Demo Day 2015

Shotput (S15)

  • The Hack that got me into Y Combinator (text, 2019)
  • How I got the Y Combinator interview 46 days late (text, 2019)
  • My First Y Combinator Application that got me the interview (text, 2019)
  • Pitching a bunch of millionaires for 10 minutes (text, 2019)
  • Derivative/d Y Combinator 2014 Application

Cofactor Genomics (S15)

  • YC Backs Cofactor Genomics To Pursue RNA Testing, Which Could Offer Better Diagnoses Than DNA (text, 2015)
  • how-to-apply-to-y-combinator (text, 2015)
  • Lessons Learned from Cofactor's Y Combinator Experience 7-months later (text, 2016)

ScentBird (S15)

  • Сulture is Something That Works When Your Policy Fails (text, 2020)
  • How to Manage a Team of 43 Developers in Different Time Zones (text, 2020)
  • How many programmers does it take to sell perfume on the Internet? (text, 2020)


Boom (W16)

Revl (W16)

Outschool (W16)

  • Outschooling in the Bay Area (text, 2015)
  • What I learned from my father (text, 2017)
  • Outschool co-founder Amir Nathoo | Top tips for startups (text, 2017)
  • My journey to founding Outschool (text, 2017)

Instabug (W16)

  • Political Turmoil Leaves Cofounders of Egypt-based Instabug in Limbo (text, 2013)
  • What it's like to build a startup in a country that's rebuilding itself (text, 2015)
  • ArabConnect: Omar Gabr discusses SoLoMo (video, 2015)
  • 6 Reasons Why In-App Feedback Is A Must While Beta Testing (text, 2015)
  • How to Launch Your Mobile App in 16 Steps (text, 2015)
  • Lessons 10 Years On (video, 2018)
  • Instabug Untold Stories (text, 2018)
  • What It's Like Dealing With Silicon Valley Customers From Egypt (text, 2019)
  • How to Find Over 200+ Beta Testers for Free (text, 2019)
  • Serendipitous discovery (video, 2020)

Paystack (W16)

  • Paystack's Y Combinator Application (text, 2017)
  • How to put together a strong Y Combinator application (text, 2018)
  • Helping African Businesses Get Paid, Shola Akinlade of Paystack (videotext, 2018)
  • Building from Ground Up (video, 2020)

Superside (W16)

  • How We Got into Y Combinator (text, 2016)
  • What to Expect as an International Founder at Y Combinator (text, 2016)
  • What is Superside? How is it Different from a Design Agency or Freelance Marketplace? (video, 2020)

GetAccept (W16)

  • Our story
  • From Malmö to Silicon Valley in less than two years - the story of GetAccept (text, 2017)
  • How 4 Swedes got their SaaS accepted into Y Combinator while still at $0 MRR (text, 2019)
  • 5 Things You Need To Know To Create a Successful App or SaaS (text, 2021)
  • Secure Series B and build a global business in Malmö (videotext, 2021)
  • GetAccept - YC W'16 Demo Day

LendEDU (W16)

  • How LendEDU made it into Y Combinator on their second try (text, 2016)
  • How LendEDU Raised the Most Valuable Seed Round Imaginable with Y Combinator (text, 2019)

Innov8 (S16)

Iris Automation (S16)

  • Iris Automation gives drones situational awareness, making autonomous delivery a reality (text, 2016)
  • The story of how two college friends joined forces to disrupt an industry with Iris Automation (text, 2019)

Burrow (S16)

  • Burrow is Casper for Designer Sofas (text, 2016)
  • How I Raised It with Stephen Kuhl of (audio, 2018)
  • The Story of How a Sofa Startup Got Into Y Combinator with Just a Pitch Deck (text, 2019)
  • How 'Couch In a Box' Company Burrow Leveraged Big and Small Investors for a $4.3 Million Seed Round (text, 2019)
  • Burrow CEO Stephen Kuhl: The shift to e-commerce is here to stay (text, 2020)

Lendsnap (S16)

  • Lendsnap Lets You Apply for a Mortgage in Under 30 Minutes (text, 2016)
  • The True Story of How Orion Willow Got Lendsnap Accepted Into Y Combinator (text, 2019)

Suiteness (S16)

  • Founder Interviews: Kyle Killion of Suiteness (text, 2019)
  • Kyle Killion's story of getting Suiteness into Y Combinator along with tips on how to apply (text, 2019)

Jumpcut (S16)

  • #11: Kong Pham - Jumpcut - Y Combinator Alumni Interviews (YC S16) (audio, 2020)
  • How I Raised $2 Million From Investors (My YC Demo Day Pitch Breakdown) (video, 2020)
  • Entrepreneur Gains#11 - Kong Pham - Jumpcut (Y Combinator S16) (video, 2020)
  • Prior YouTube Star Launches Startup and Does $12M in Sales! (video, 2020)
  • Kong Pham on Y Combinator and unconventional business strategies? (video, 2021)
  • Going viral & dating tips (we got DEEP!) with YouTuber (Simple Pickup) turned YC founder (video, 2021)

Nova Credit (S16)

  • Founder Stories: Nicky Goulimis of Nova Credit (text, 2017)
  • Path to Y Combinator Acceptance and Beyond (text, 2019)
  • Immigrants - A Conversation with Nicky Goulimis (video, 2019)
  • How to scale and expand, the journey of a female founder (video, 2020)
  • How Effective is Fintech in Reducing Inequality (video, 2020)
  • Nicky Goulimis | The Breakfast Show US (video, 2020)
  • Interview with Nicky Goulimis (video, 2020)

Saleswhale (S16)

  • What the Y Combinator experience is like, according to 4 graduates (text, 2018)
  • Singapore's Saleswhale raises $5.3M to bring AI to sales and marketing teams (text, 2019)
  • The Y Combinator Alum who returned to Singapore to build Saleswhale (text, audio, 2019)
  • I'm a CEO and this is what I care about from Marketing (text, 2020)
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WaystoCap (W17)

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  • The Morrocan Startup providing a marketplace to connect African businesses (text, 2020)

Solugen (W17)

  • On sales, product roadmaps, and building a more sustainable future (text, 2020)
  • My Climate Journey (textaudio, 2021)

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Armory (W17)

Neema (W17)

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Simple Habit (W17)

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  • Women's History Month Interview Series with Yunha Kim (text, 2020)
  • Yunha Kim: Steps of Risk Pave the Success of Simple Habit (text, 2020)
  • Yunha Kim
  • Application

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70 Million Jobs/Commissary Club (S17)

  • Announcing 70MillionJobs (text, 2917)
  • I'm Richard Bronson, founder/CEO of 70MillionJobs, former "Wolf of Wall Street" partner. Spent 22 months in a federal prison, now run Y-Combinator startup that finds jobs for 70 million ex-offenders. AMA. (text, 2017)
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Let's Do This (W18)

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Spinal Singularity/UroDev Medical (W18)

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Mistro/Stable (W20)

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Lago (S21)

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